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Emacs lisp toggle-earmuffs
(defun toggle-earmuffs ()
"Add or remove earmuffs (asterisks at front and end) of
(let* ((saved-point (point))
(variable (thing-at-point 'symbol))
(bounds (bounds-of-thing-at-point 'symbol))
(len (- (cdr bounds) (car bounds)))
(start-char (elt variable 0))
(end-char (elt variable (1- len))))
;; remove earmuffs
((and (= ?* start-char) (= ?* end-char) (> len 1))
(kill-region (car bounds) (cdr bounds))
(insert (substring variable 1 (1- len)))
(setq saved-point (1- saved-point)))
;; add earmuffs
((and (/= ?* start-char) (/= ?* end-char))
(kill-region (car bounds) (cdr bounds))
(insert (concat "*" variable "*"))
(setq saved-point (1+ saved-point)))
((and (= ?* start-char) (= ?* end-char) (= len 1))
(message "Don't know what to do with a single asterisk"))
(t (message "The symbol has asterisk at the one end only"))))
(goto-char saved-point)))
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