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Created October 8, 2017 19:36
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  • Metaspoit: Penetration testing software
  • BeEF: The Browser Exploitation Framework
  • PTF: Penetration Testers Framework
  • Bettercap: MITM framework
  • Nessus: Vulnerability scanner
  • AutoNessus: Auto Nessus
  • BDFProxy: Patch Binaries via MITM (BackdoorFactory)
  • Xplico: Network Forensic Analysis Tool (eg. parse pcap file)
  • Sqlmap: Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool
  • jsql-injection: Java application for automatic SQL database injection
  • HoneyProxy: MITM
  • Gophish: Open-Source Phishing Framework
  • SET: Social-Engineer Toolkit
  • USBRubberDucky: USB Rubber Ducky
  • USB Wifi Ducky: Upload, save and run keystroke injection payloads with an ESP8266 + ATMEGA32U4
  • WHID: WiFi HID Injector for Fun & Profit - An USB Rubberducky On Steroids.
  • SimplyEmail: Email recon framework
  • WiFI pineapple: WiFI pineapple (mitm)
  • makeMyCSRF: makeMyCSRF is a tool that can be used to automate auto-submit HTML form creation
  • Weeman: HTTP Server for phishing
  • PlugBot: The PlugBot: Hardware Botnet Research Project
  • Pwn Phone: Portable pentesting device
  • EmPyre: A post-exploitation OS X/Linux agent written in Python 2.7
  • Mimikatz: A little tool to play with Windows security (videos)
  • Acunetix: Scanner to check for XSS, SQL Injection and other web vulnerabilities
  • Burp Suite: The leading toolkit for web application security testing
  • Burp NoPE Proxy: Non-HTTP Protocol Extension (NoPE) Proxy and DNS for Burp Suite.
  • ntopng: High-speed web-based traffic analysis
  • nethogs: Linux 'net top' tool
  • jnettop: traffic visualiser
  • Lynis: Security auditing tool for Linux, macOS, and UNIX-based systems
  • Volatility: An advanced memory forensics framework
  • Radare: portable reversing framework
  • Android Fallible: Secrets leak in Android apps
  • XssPy: Web Application XSS Scanner
  • Unicorn: Tool for using a PowerShell downgrade attack and inject shellcode straight into memory
  • changeme: A default credential scanner
  • Mercure: Tool for security managers who want to train their collaborators to phishing
  • catphish: For phishing and corporate espionage
  • Security Checklist: The SaaS CTO Security Checklist
  • cgPwn: A lightweight VM for hardware hacking, RE (fuzzing, symEx, exploiting etc) and wargaming tasks
  • pwlist: Password lists obtained from strangers attempting to log in to my server
  • howmanypeoplearearound: Count the number of people around you by monitoring wifi signals
  • xss-listener: XSS Listener is a penetration tool for easy to steal data with various XSS
  • owasp-mstg: The Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG) is a comprehensive manual for mobile app security testing and reverse engineering
  • KeychainCracker: macOS keychain cracking tool
  • Microsploit: Fast and easy create backdoor office exploitation using module metasploit packet
  • InjectProc: Process Injection Techniques
  • expdevBadChars: Bad Characters highlighter for exploit development
  • massExpConsole: Collection of Tools and Exploits with a CLI UI
  • getsploit: Command line utility for searching and downloading exploits
  • Findsploit: Find exploits in local and online databases instantly
  • vulscan: Advanced vulnerability scanning with Nmap NSE
  • psychoPATH: a blind webroot file upload & LFI detection tool
  • repo-supervisor: Scan your code for security misconfiguration, search for passwords and secrets
  • xssor: Hack with Javascript (online tool)
  • xray: XRay is a tool for recon, mapping and OSINT gathering from public networks
  • Frida: Inject JavaScript to explore native apps on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and QNX
  • objection: runtime mobile exploration (based on Frida)
  • pwnbox: Docker container with tools for binary reverse engineering and exploitation
  • backdoor-apk: shell script that simplifies the process of adding a backdoor to any Android APK file
  • Attify OS: Distro for pentesting IoT devices
  • Zeus: AWS Auditing & Hardening Tool
  • EvilAbigail: Automated Linux evil maid attack (backdoors initrd)
  • mitm-router: Man-in-the-middle wireless access point inside a docker container
  • Dracnmap: Exploit Network and Gathering Information with Nmap
  • RastLeak: Tool To Automatic Leak Information Using Hacking With Engine Searches
  • pupy: remote administration and post-exploitation tool (python)
  • pwndsh: Post-exploitation framework (bash) (presentation)
  • kwetza: Python script to inject existing Android applications with a Meterpreter payload
  • zmap: ZMap Internet Scanner
  • zgrab: Application layer scanner that operates with ZMap
  • OpenVAS: The world's most advanced Open Source vulnerability scanner and manager
  • Vulny-Code-Static-Analysis: Basic script to detect vulnerabilities into a PHP source code
  • knockpy: Knock Subdomain Scan
  • BoopSuite: A Suite of Tools written in Python for wireless auditing and security testing (demo)
  • DataSploit: An OSINT Framework to perform various recon techniques
  • domain_analyzer: Analyze the security of any domain by finding all the information possible
  • Luckystrike: A PowerShell based utility for the creation of malicious Office macro documents (demo)
  • sqlcheck: Automatically identify anti-patterns in SQL queries
  • SSRF Testing:
  • XFLTReaT: Tunnelling Framework (kitploit)
  • rudra: Framework for exhaustive analysis of (PCAP and PE) files

Use cases



  • bully-vanilla: Bully is a new implementation of the WPS brute force attack
  • boxon: Détecteur box vulnérables à la brèche PIN NULL (topic)
  • NullWpsPinAuto: Simple bash script intended to exploit the Null Wps Pin breach automatically

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