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assets_path = File.expand_path("~/projects/rails/scout/public")
log_path = File.expand_path "~/assets.txt"
temp_requested_files_path = File.expand_path "~/processed_assets.txt"
ignore_pattern = /sparkline|datejs/
known_used =[
puts "starting"
Dir.chdir assets_path
files = %w(js png jpg jpeg gif css).map{|ext| Dir.glob("**/*.#{ext}")}.flatten
puts "Found #{files.size} assets"
requested_files =[]
if(File.exist? temp_requested_files_path)
puts "#{temp_requested_files_path} exists -- using it"
requested_files = File.readlines(temp_requested_files_path).map(&:chomp)
puts "#{temp_requested_files_path} does not exist -- processing #{log_path}"
log = File.readlines(log_path)
puts "read #{log.size} lines from #{log_path}"{|l| l.match(/GET \/([^? ]+)/)[1]}
requested_files = log_entries.uniq,"w") {|f| f.puts requested_files}
puts "found #{requested_files.size} requested files in logs"
puts ""
puts "== Local files that aren't requested in production:"
res = files - requested_files
res ={|l| !l.match ignore_pattern }
res = res - known_used
res.sort.each_with_index do |f,i|
cmd = "rm #{assets_path}/#{f}"
puts cmd
# `#{cmd}` # only uncomment when you're satisfied with the list of files it's going to delete
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