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A boxcar that returns a Google answer box as JSON
# frozen_string_literal: true
require 'google_search_results'
require 'boxcars/boxcar'
require 'boxcars/result'
class GoogleAnswerBox < Boxcars::Boxcar
# The description of this boxcar. Used in the prompt to inform the engine what
# this boxcar can do.
ANSWERBOXDESC = "useful for when you need to answer questions that require realtime data." \
"You should ask targeted questions"
# implements a boxcar that uses the Google SerpAPI to get the answer box data from search results.
# @param name [String] The name of the boxcar. Defaults to classname.
# @param description [String] A description of the boxcar. Defaults to SERPDESC.
# @param serpapi_api_key [String] The API key to use for the SerpAPI. Defaults to Boxcars.configuration.serpapi_api_key.
def initialize(name: "AnswerBox", description: ANSWERBOXDESC, serpapi_api_key: nil)
super(name: name, description: description)
api_key = Boxcars.configuration.serpapi_api_key(serpapi_api_key: serpapi_api_key)
::GoogleSearch.api_key = api_key
# Get an answer from Google using the SerpAPI.
# @param question [String] The question to ask Google.
# @return [String] The answer to the question.
def run(question)
search = question)
def find_answer(res)
# :answer_box=>{:type=>"local_time", :result=>"8:02 AM", :extensions=>["Sunday, May 7, 2023 (MDT)", "Time in Denver, CO"]}
raise Error, "Got error from SerpAPI: {res[:error]}" if res[:error]
# might be sending results outside of the answer box ...
# see a result for {"type":"organic_result"
return "No answer found" unless res[:answer_box]
return res.dig(:answer_box).to_json[0..1000].gsub("%","%%")
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