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Last active November 5, 2020 10:46
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Cleanup script for salt minions affected by recent CVE exploitation - -
## Executing this script is not a guarantee for a secure host!
## This script is a collection of the junk I have found on my hosts and what
## the SaltStack community gave as input. We have seen this attack evolve.
## Please have a very close look at your systems and consider reinstalling them
## to be absolutely sure you are free of malware.
# remove crontab persistence
for i in torsocks anagima3$$ salt-store; do
# remove for root
crontab -l | sed "/$i/d" | crontab -
# check other users crontabs
for f in $(ls /var/spool/cron/crontabs/*); do
user=$(basename $f)
crontab -l -u $user | sed "/$i/d" | crontab -u $user -
# warning! these IPs change! please manually verify your crontab with crontab -l
# to make sure there are no other malicious entries
# remove ssh public key added by v5
sed -i '/PbNwmJNcFwSLF12fFBoF\/$/d' /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
for i in $(ls /home/*/.ssh/authorized_keys); do
sed -i '/PbNwmJNcFwSLF12fFBoF\/$/d' $i
# newer versions seem to set themselves immutable
chattr -i /tmp/salt-store
chattr -i /var/tmp/salt-store
chattr -i /tmp/salt-minions
chattr -i /usr/bin/salt-store
# remove all the trash
rm /tmp/salt-minions
rm /tmp/salt-store
rm /var/tmp/salt-store
rm /usr/bin/salt-store
rm /etc/selinux/config
rm -rf /tmp/.ICE*
rm -rf /var/tmp/.ICE*
rm /root/.wget-hsts
# create apparmor profiles to prevent execution
echo 'profile salt-store /var/tmp/salt-store { }' | tee /etc/apparmor.d/salt-store
apparmor_parser -r -W /etc/apparmor.d/salt-store
echo 'profile salt-minions /tmp/salt-minions { }' | tee /etc/apparmor.d/salt-minions
apparmor_parser -r -W /etc/apparmor.d/salt-minions
# reenable nmi watchdog
sysctl kernel.nmi_watchdog=1
echo '1' >/proc/sys/kernel/nmi_watchdog
sed -i '/kernel.nmi_watchdog/d' /etc/sysctl.conf
# disable hugepages
sysctl -w vm.nr_hugepages=0
# enable apparmor
systemctl enable apparmor
systemctl start apparmor
# kill processes and reenabler
kill -9 $(ps faux | grep /tmp/.ICE | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}')
ps aux | grep ICEd | grep -v grep | cut -c5-15 | xargs -n 1 kill -9
killall -9 salt-minions
killall -9 salt-store
# fix syslog
touch /var/log/syslog
service rsyslog restart
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taigrr commented May 5, 2020

Please also add:

cd /var/spool/cron/ && grep -r . * (requires interactivity, this doesn't remove them)
Some affected are finding crontabs for users other than root.

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taigrr commented May 5, 2020

@itskenny0 salt-store (and possibly salt-minions) also downloads to /usr/bin/salt-store now. Would you mind updating it for that too?

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@taigrr Both added! Thank you!

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xpicio commented May 6, 2020


rm /tmp/salt-store
rm /var/tmp/salt-store

we added the following commands

chattr -i /tmp/salt-store
chattr -i /var/tmp/salt-store
rm /usr/bin/salt-store

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@xpicio Also added! Thanks!

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pmahalwar-intertrust commented May 8, 2020

Thanks a lot. It was very helpful.

I also added 'salt-store' in your remove crontab persistence for loop to remove this line from crontab :

* * * * * /usr/bin/salt-store || /tmp/salt-store || /var/tmp/salt-store

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@pmahalwar-intertrust I wasn't aware they were doing that now. That was also added! Thanks a lot!

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I found few additional things to do:

  1. sed -i '/$/d' /etc/hosts;
  2. rm /usr/local/lib/*.so; rm /etc/; ldconfig There is random name .so included in (this file is hiddedn from ls)
  3. There is random name cron file in /etc/cron.d periodically running random named binary

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