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How to remove/uninstall Laravel workbench packages
Since I was looking all around how to uninstall packages and after reading tones
of documentations here's the short how-to uninstall a workbench package in Laravel
(or how I managed it to work out):
1. Remove package service provider from 'providers' array in app/config/app.php
2. Remove the package folder in workbench/
3. Run:
php composer.phar dump-autoload
php artisan clear-compiled
php artisan optimize
4. (optional) remove all related code using the package (you'll get errors about that)
Not sure will work for everyone. I got some other errors but use it as a clue (:

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@phanduyvinh phanduyvinh commented Jul 15, 2020

Sometimes, you may need to remove packages from your laravel application. I mean if you installed package but you don't need now and that useless in your project. you want to remove that useless package from your project that you remove using laravel composer command.

In this posts i am going to give you full example. first i install "illuminate/html" for i want to use like this way using composer command:

composer require illuminate/html
Now i don't require anymore "illuminate/html", so you can remove this way:

composer remove illuminate/html

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