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Smart contract for decoding State Sync data from Ethereum to Matic
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity 0.8.0;
contract Decoder {
bytes32 public constant DEPOSIT = keccak256("DEPOSIT");
bytes32 public constant MAP_TOKEN = keccak256("MAP_TOKEN");
enum SyncType {Deposit, TokenMapping, Unsupported}
function getSyncTypeAndData(bytes memory data) internal pure returns(bytes32, bytes memory) {
(bytes32 syncType, bytes memory syncData) = abi.decode(data, (bytes32, bytes));
return (syncType, syncData);
function decodeStateSyncData(bytes calldata data) external pure returns (SyncType, address, address, bytes memory){
(bytes32 syncType, bytes memory syncData) = getSyncTypeAndData(data);
if (syncType == MAP_TOKEN) {
(address root, address child, ) = abi.decode(syncData, (address, address, bytes32));
return (SyncType.TokenMapping, root, child, "");
if (syncType == DEPOSIT) {
(address depositor, address root, bytes memory depositData) = abi.decode(syncData, (address, address, bytes));
return (SyncType.Deposit, depositor, root, depositData);
return (SyncType.Unsupported, address(0), address(0), "");
function decodeERC20Deposit(bytes calldata depositData) external pure returns(uint256) {
return abi.decode(depositData, (uint256));
function decodeERC721SingleDeposit(bytes calldata depositData) external pure returns(uint256) {
return abi.decode(depositData, (uint256));
function decodeERC721BatchDeposit(bytes calldata depositData) external pure returns(uint256[] memory) {
return abi.decode(depositData, (uint256[]));
function decodeERC1155BatchDeposit(bytes calldata depositData) external pure returns(uint256[] memory, uint256[] memory, bytes memory) {
return abi.decode(depositData, (uint256[], uint256[], bytes));
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👆 contract is written for using it in combination with Matic Network's The Graph deployment, so that, caught StateSync event's data field can be decoded & put in The Graph.

It's capable of decoding both general Deposit & TokenMapping state syncs.


  • If you've StateSync data, you can call decodeStateSyncData to unwrap first two folds.

  • In response, if your first field ∈ {0, 1}, we've successfully decoded data

    • 0 -> Deposit
      • depositor => Address performing deposit on Ethereum
      • root => Token which is being deposited
      • depositData => ABI encoded deposit data i.e. might contain token amount ( for Ether, ERC20 ), token id(s) ( for ERC721 ), token id(s) & amount ( for ERC1155 )
    • 1 -> Token Mapping
      • root => Root chain token address of token mapping
      • child => Child chain token address of token mapping
  • For decoding depositData, obtained from 👆, respective decoder function can be used depending upon what kind of token, you're dealing with.

Deployment Details

Source verified version of Decoder is deployed on

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