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View about:config prefs
# Disable about:config warning
general.warnOnAboutConfig -> false
# Start up with tabs from last session -> 3
# Use blank new tab page
browser.newtabpage.enabled -> false
# Denser UI
View grab-site 2.0 upgrade

grab-site 2.0 uses ludios/wpull for much faster HTML parsing using html5-parser and implements faster ignore-matching using the re2 module. These were the two major bottlenecks identified by pyflame and flamegraph.

Also, grab-site processes should now reconnect reliably to gs-server after gs-server goes down and reappears. Please let me know if this is not the case.

grab-site 2.0 upgrade guide

Follow the new install instructions, which now require installing libxml2/libxslt/re2 dependencies and Python 3.7.x.

If you have custom ignore patterns, replace {primary_netloc} with {any_start_netloc}.

View emacs-htmlize-exporter.el
(setq load-path (cons "~/opt/htmlize" load-path))
(require 'htmlize)
;;; fonts and colors - copy from your emacs configuration
; Needed for the org-headline-done below to work
(setq org-fontify-done-headline t)
(setq org-todo-keyword-faces
'(("CANCELED" :foreground "#686868" :weight bold)
// Based on the code in O'Reilly's Programming Rust, Chapter 2
extern crate num;
extern crate image;
extern crate crossbeam;
use std::str::FromStr;
use std::io::Write;
use std::fs::File;
use num::Complex;
View gist:176219a191fce5741755847dce9670cd
# cargo outdated
error: failed to parse manifest at `/tmp/cargo-outdated.81hypUXKZnNr/Cargo.toml`
Caused by:
editions are unstable
Caused by:
feature `edition` is required
consider adding `cargo-features = ["edition"]` to the manifest
View my_filters.txt
! Insecure - use https:// instead
! Ads and annoyances on criticker > div
View log.txt
<nullcone> there are four factors that determine if you should trust a person's advice
<nullcone> (1) what they know about your initial conditions (2) what they know about your boundary conditions (3) how cognitively capable they are (could depend on factors like fatigue), and how much you can trust their judgment (4) conflicts of interest/whether or not what they say is in your best interest
<SDr> nullcone, can you give a specific example for ways in which (1) might be important?
<nullcone> SDr: how smart you are, which profs you work with, you major, your personality
set -eu -o pipefail
# We share a Chrome profile on multiple machines using a network filesystem,
# but we can't have more than one Chrome using it at the same time.
# Read SingletonLock to determine which machine Chrome is running on
# and Chrome's PID, then quit it on the remote machine if necessary.
View LDCS24223S refrigerator

I bought this fridge in July 2017 from Costco, which extends the warranties on appliances from one year to two years.


Compressor mostly whirs at a low pitch; a ringing sound is audible if you get near and the room is quiet, but it's much quieter than typical fridge compressors. Probably the killer feature.

No loud high-pitched sound, which is sometimes mentioned in LG fridge reviews, but not present here.

It reached the target temperature in both the fridge and freezer compartments within 6 hours.


Ian Bremmer predictions

“Assad will be dead in 3 years (@ 2018-06-17)” in end

“Bigger legacy for Obama? Iran deal or TPP? CLEARLY TPP.”

“Has Ergodan seen the peak of his power? I’d say yeah”

re: clockboy incident “so much more of this ugliness is going to be reported or talked about”

“Kim Jong-un says he has an H-Bomb, I don’t believe him”

“No Brexit (but close), no Donald Trump as President-elect”

“[Trump] isn’t a denier of climate [and will walk back on Paris]”

“Twitter is going to move away from all the anonymity” 19:55