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Last active Dec 28, 2018
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A tale of SSR

Attempts to recover our SSR functionality.

  1. After.js [-]
  • Semi-dead project. Suggest to switch to Razzle (its core)
  1. Razzle [-]
  • No docs
  • No examples (except hello-world approximations)
  • Requires to tune Webpack and Babel (what's the point of using it then)
  1. Next.js [-]
  • Good docs
  • Not configurable
  • Ships bad tools (styled-jsx instead of styled-components, weird path-based Router instead of React-Router)
  • Heavy DRY violations in <Link/> usage
  1. Nest.js [-]

Node framework. Unrelated.

  1. Basic React [-]
  • Suspense does not support SSR (yet)
  1. Prerenders [-]
  • React-Snap, React-Snapshot – not configurable (impossible to set starting hostname:port – wtf?!), didn't work at all
  • – expensive, stupid
  1. "Loadable" tools [-]
  • react-loadable – tried and failed to setup it, too complex
  • loadable-components – tried and failed to setup it, too complex
  1. CRA+ [?]
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