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Random sample of a FASTQ file
#Take a fraction of random sequence reads from a fastq file
from sh import wc
import argparse
import random
def first_word(string):
return string.strip().split()[0]
#read a file in chunks of deflines
def read_segments(filename,deflines):
data = []
with open(filename) as handle:
line = handle.readline()
while line != "":
chunk = []
for i in range(deflines):
line = handle.readline()
return data
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("input_file",type=str,help="input fastq file")
parser.add_argument("output_signature",type=str,help="output fastq file signature")
parser.add_argument("fractions",type=int,nargs="+",help="fraction of the file to be used")
args = parser.parse_args()
#number of lines that contain a complete fastq record
deflines = 4
length = int(first_word(wc("-l",args.input_file)))
seq_reads = read_segments(args.input_file,deflines)
for n in args.fractions:
nlines = int(length/n/deflines)
sample = random.sample(seq_reads,nlines)
output_file = args.output_signature+"_"+str(n)
with open(output_file,"w") as handle:
for seq in sample:
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