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Emacs-mac animations
;; animations
;; Requires =emacs-mac= fork
;; repo:
;; homebrew tap:
;; Crazy example
(mac-start-animation nil :type 'page-curl-with-shadow
:duration 1.0 :direction 'right :angle 45)
;; Less crazy
(mac-start-animation (selected-window) :type 'move-out
:duration 1.0 :direction 'right)
;; Implement fade-outs
(defcustom mac-animation-duration 0.5
"Duration of transition animations")
(defvar mac-animation-locked-p nil)
(defun mac-animation-toggle-lock ()
(setq mac-animation-locked-p (not mac-animation-locked-p)))
(defun animate-frame-fade-out (&rest args)
(unless mac-animation-locked-p
(mac-start-animation nil :type 'fade-out :duration mac-animation-duration)
(run-with-timer mac-animation-duration nil 'mac-animation-toggle-lock)))
;; Fade outs everywhere!
(advice-add 'set-window-buffer :before 'animate-frame-fade-out)
(advice-add 'split-window :before 'animate-frame-fade-out)
(advice-add 'delete-window :before 'animate-frame-fade-out)
(advice-add 'delete-other-windows :before 'animate-frame-fade-out)
(advice-add 'window-toggle-side-windows :before 'animate-frame-fade-out)
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