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Created January 18, 2016 21:05
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#!/usr/bin/env python
Simple DB server (key value store) that works over HTTP on localhost.
- GET /set?<key>=<value> Sets <key> to <value>
- GET /get?key=<key> Gets the value for key <key>
Usage: [--port=<int>]
-h --help Show this screen.
-p --port=<int> Port to listen on [default: 4000].
from BaseHTTPServer import BaseHTTPRequestHandler, HTTPServer
from docopt import docopt
import urlparse
import os
DATA = {} # this servers as the in-memory data store
DATA_DIR = './data'
class DBRequestHandlerBase(BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
Handles DB requests using storage-subclass `get` and `set` methods.
def do_GET(self):
"""Base response for all GET requests."""
parsed_path = urlparse.urlparse(self.path)
path = parsed_path.path
# 1. validate path
if path not in ['/get', '/set']:
self.send_error(500, 'Error: use /set?<key>=<val> or /get?key=<key>')
# 2. validate query string
query_dict = urlparse.parse_qs(parsed_path.query)
if len(query_dict) != 1:
self.send_error(500, 'Error: query must have a single field=value pair')
query_item = query_dict.items()[0]
q_field, q_value = query_item[0], query_item[1][0]
# 3. process request
if path == '/set':
self.set(q_field, q_value) # does actual write to DB
self.respond(http_code=200, http_body='')
elif path == '/get':
if q_field != 'key':
self.send_error(500, 'Error: use /get?key=<keyname> format')
value = self.get(q_value) # does actual read from DB
if value is None:
self.respond(http_code=404, http_body='')
self.respond(http_code=200, http_body=value)
def respond(self, http_code=200, http_body=''):
"""Respond with default headers the `http_code` and `http_body` given."""
self.send_header('Content-type', 'text/plain')
class InMemoryDBRequestHandler(DBRequestHandlerBase):
Uses global dictionary `DATA` as data store for DB functionality.
def get(self, key):
"""Gets key `key` from DB. Returns None if `key` is not present."""
return DATA.get(key, None)
def set(self, key, value):
"""Sets key `key` to value `value` in DB."""
DATA[key] = value
class PersistedDBRequestHandler(DBRequestHandlerBase):
Store data to disk as files in `DATA_DIR`; uses `DATA` dict as cache.
def get(self, key):
"""Gets key `key` from DB. Returns None if `key` is not present."""
return DATA.get(key, None)
# assumption: contents of `DATA` are always fresh
def set(self, key, value):
"""Sets key `key` to value `value` in DB."""
fpath = os.path.join(DATA_DIR, key)
with open(fpath, 'w') as f:
DATA[key] = value
class PersistedDBServer(HTTPServer):
Custom HTTPServer that pre-loads data from `DATA_DIR` into `DATA` dict.
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
HTTPServer.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) # old-style inheritence
# ensure `DATA_DIR` exists
if not os.path.exists(DATA_DIR):
# load data from files in `DATA_DIR` into `DATA` in-memory dictionary
for fname in os.listdir(DATA_DIR):
fpath = os.path.join(DATA_DIR, fname)
with open(fpath, 'r') as f:
DATA[fname] =
def run_server(port):
The main run loop for the DB server.
server_opts = ('localhost', port)
server = PersistedDBServer(server_opts, PersistedDBRequestHandler)
print 'Started Simple DB server on localhost port', port
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print 'Stopped Simple DB server'
if __name__ == '__main__':
arguments = docopt(__doc__, version='SimpleDB v0.1')
port_int = int(arguments['--port'])
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