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ivanistheone / canvas_game.html
Created March 10, 2014 21:51
A super-simple demo of a block moving on canvas... for educational purposes
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Canvas demo</title>
<meta name="author" content="Gabriel Poirier" />
<meta name="author" content="Ivan Savov" />
<meta name="description" content="A tutorial on the use of HTML canvas element." />
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ivanistheone / gist:4249678
Created December 10, 2012 09:57
Semi-finished version of visitor script
#!/usr/bin/env python
from collections import defaultdict, namedtuple
import datetime
from operator import itemgetter
import re
import requests
import json
ivanistheone / heart_beat_diagram.js
Created July 22, 2013 16:40
I would like to make a ECG-like hear-beat diagram, but the default x-sampling rate shows a gap in the graph. Paste this into to see the results. Any suggestions are welcome.
// X and Y ranges of the graph
var X_RANGE = [-2, 10];
var Y_RANGE = [-35, 100];
// Width of the graph in pixels
// Let's use 400 for "normal" graphs and 170 for "small" graphs
var SIZE = 400;
var xScale;
var yScale;
ivanistheone /
Created January 11, 2016 22:05
Simple DB server
#!/usr/bin/env python
Simple DB server (key value store) that works over HTTP on localhost.
- GET /set?<key>=<value> Sets <key> to <value>
- GET /get?key=<key> Gets the value for key <key>
Usage: [--port=<int>]

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ivanistheone / Intro to Python for people who know
Created March 28, 2017 20:17
A few tips for people interested in learning Python

Python for Java programmers

Part of what makes python readable is the absence of type information, the indentation-based block structure for code, and a few Python idioms, also known as "syntax sugar" if you will.

This tutorial assumes the reader is familiar with other programming languages like Java and shows some examples of Python coolness.

ivanistheone /
Last active March 29, 2017 00:18 — forked from GGulati/
Code that goes with blog post —with modifications for Mac OS X.