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import fs from 'fs-extra-promise'
import sm from 'sitemap' // npm install --save sitemap
function pagesToSitemap(pages) {
const urls = => {
if (p.path !== undefined) {
return {
url: p.path,
changefreq: 'daily',
priority: 0.7
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"presets": ['react', 'es2015', 'stage-0'],
"plugins": ['add-module-exports', 'transform-async-to-generator']
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#!/usr/bin/env babel-node
import contentful from 'contentful'
import fs from 'fs-extra-promise'
// Requires a test to see if .env file exists because it will not on CI build
if (fs.existsSync('.env')) require('dotenv').config()
// Contentful Config
const apiToken = process.env.CONTENTFUL_DELIVERY_API_TOKEN
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#!/usr/bin/env babel-node
import _ from 'lodash/fp'
const filters = {
// cities
sea: true,
nyc: false,
// experience levels
beginner: true,
intermediate: true,
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const result = await space.createEntry('legacyPost', {
sys: {
createdAt: post.created_at,
updatedAt: post.updated_at,
fields: {
title: { 'en-US': post.title },
body: { 'en-US': post.body },
slug: { 'en-US': post.slug },
authorName: { 'en-US': post.author_name },

Instructor Needed for the Ruby Programming Certificate Program – University of Washington

The University of Washington Professional & Continuing Education is now hiring a part-time instructor for an evening certificate program in Ruby Programming.

We are looking for an instructor to teach the first course of a series of 3 – Ruby: The Core Language. Please see below course description to get a general sense of the course topics. The Ruby Programming Certificate webpage can also be found at the following link.

Prior teaching experience is helpful, but not required. We’re seeking a professional who has been working with Ruby Programming for several years.

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async function createImage (image, space) {
try {
const result = await space.createAsset({
sys: {
createdAt: image.created_at,
updatedAt: image.updated_at,
fields: {
title: { 'en-US': image.title },
file: {
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export function modifyWebpackConfig (config) {
// arrow-body-style rule doesn't recognize that the spread operator needs
// to be in an object literal
// eslint-disable-next-line arrow-body-style
config.loader('jpg', (cfg) => {
return {
test: /\.jpe?g$/i,
loader: 'file-loader?name=images/[name].[ext]',
apm install atom-ternjs
apm install autocomplete-modules
apm install utocomplete-paths
apm install autocomplete-ruby
apm install autocomplete-sass
apm install build
apm install emmet
apm install file-icons
apm install gist-it