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psadmin.conf 2017
title: 'psadmin.conf'
description: 'The first conference for PeopleSoft Administrators.'
long_description: >
psadmin.conf is a 1 day conference specifically for PeopleSoft Administrators.
The conference features talks from expert admins on a variety of topics.
The goal of the conference is to expand your knowledge of PeopleSoft Administration
and make you a better admin.
location: 'University of Minnesota (West Bank Office Building)'
address: '1300 2nd Street S, Minneapolis, MN, 55455'
date: 'September 12, 2017'
start-time: '09:00'
end-time: '17:00'
- 'Brad Carlson'
- 'Nate Werner'
- 'Charlie Sinks'
- 'Wayne Fuller'
- 'Jim Marion'
cost: 'Free'
limit: '40'
# registration: ''
selection: >
Because of the limited space for the conference, selections will be made to ensure
attendance is spread across organizations fairly. Submit your conference registration
now. We'll close registration on 8/16 and notify attendees on 8/18 if they were selected
to attend. We will give preference to people who sign up to present a Blitz Talk.
blitz_talk: >
A Blitz Talk is a 5-10 minute presentation on a topic.
Talks are limited to 10 minutes and 3 slides to keep the topic focused.
Attendees who submit a Blitz Talk will be given preference for attendance.
options: >
Is travel to Minneapolis not an option, can't get out of work, or weren't selected to attend?
We will be recording the talks and releasing them on after the conference.
0900: 'Welcome'
0915: 'Charlie Sinks - Using Rundeck for Automation'
1015: 'Break'
1030: 'Blitz Talks'
1100: 'Brad Carson - Fast and Furious CPUs'
1200: 'Lunch - Provided by GreyHeller'
1245: 'Jim Marion - An Admin's Guide to Event Mapping'
1310: 'Blitz Talks'
1330: 'Wayne Fuller - The Future of PeopleSoft Administration'
1400: 'Break'
1415: 'Nate Werner - Securing PeopleSoft from the Evil Cat'
1515: 'Break'
1545: 'The PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast Live Recording - Episode #100'
1700: 'Closing'
1715: 'GreyHeller Happy Hour at Day Block Brewery'
- 'Staci Ludwig - Oh Node You Didn't!'
- 'Peyton Colburn - Expanding Hiera Beyond psft_customizations.yaml'
- 'Greg Wendt - Transform your PeopleSoft Application with GreyHeller Security and UX Modernization Solutions'
- 'Guru Narayanaswamy - Securing Reports in the Report Repository'
100: "We will close the conference is a live recording of the 100th episode of The PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast. Brad Carlson and Nate Werner will be interviewing Dan and Kyle."
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