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psadmin.conf 2018
title: 'psadmin.conf'
version: '2018'
description: 'The only conference for PeopleSoft Administrators.'
long_description: >
psadmin.conf is a conference specifically for PeopleSoft Administrators.
The conference features talks from expert admins on a variety of topics.
The goal of the conference is to expand your knowledge of PeopleSoft
Administration and network with admins from around the country.
city: 'Minneapols, MN'
dates: 'May 6-8, 2018'
full_conference: '$549'
monday_only: '$249'
venue: 'Embassy Suites - Minneapolis Airport'
sunday: 'Deployment Packages and DevOps Guided Lab'
'11:00': 'Registration'
'13:00': 'DPK Guided Lab with'
'16:45': 'Break'
'17:00': 'Implementing DPK To Build PeopleSoft Servers with Peyton Colburn'
'18:00': 'Dinner'
'19:00': 'DPK Open Lab with'
monday: 'Talks from PeopleSoft Administrators'
'8:00': 'Welcome Breakfast and Registration'
'8:30': 'Opening Session with Kyle Benson and Dan Iverson'
'8:45': 'Running a PeopleSoft Elasticsearch Cluster on Kubernetes with JR Bing'
'9:45': 'Break'
'10:00': 'Gaining Valuable Insights into your PeopleSoft Application Activity with Greg Wendt'
'11:00': 'System Performance Data Collection with Frank Dolezal'
'11:30': 'Lunch/Round Tables'
'12:30': 'Process Monitor 2.0 Reboot/Bringing Sparky Back with David Vandiver'
'13:00': 'Automation Challenges for Admins with Nate Werner'
'14:00': 'Terraforming PeopleSoft with Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson'
'14:30': 'Break'
'15:00': 'IB Monitoring in 90 Minutes or Less with Brad Carlson'
'17:00': 'Networking Time with GreyHeller'
'18:30': 'Dinner'
tuesday: 'Upper Midwest Regional User Group (UMRUG)'
'7:30': 'Depart Hotel'
'8:15': 'Arrive at UMRUG'
'8:30': 'Sessions'
'11:45': 'Lunch'
'12:45': 'Sessions'
'16:00': 'Depart UMRUG'
'16:35': 'Arrive at Hotel'
notes: >
The conference will start Sunday at 1:00 pm (Central). Registration will be open
Sunday morning. On Tuesday, we are parterning with the Upper Midwest Regional User
Group. Transporatation is provided to and from the UMRUG conference. The conference
ends at 4:00 pm. We will provide an early bus from the UMRUG to the hotel after
lunch as well (time TBD).
open: 'February 12, 2018'
limit: 'No limit on the number of attendees.'
closes: 'Friday May 4, 2018'
hotel: 'Embassy Suite - Minneapolis Airport'
website: ''
discount: 'Select "Add special rate code". In the "Group Code" box, enter PSA'
address: '7901 34th Ave South, Bloomington, MN 55425'
discount_end: 'Book your room by April 15, 2018 before the discount ends'
airport: 'MSP is the Minneapolis Airport'
transportation: >
Metro Transit Light Rail will take you from the airport
directly to the Embassy Suites. The hotel is the first
stop toward the Mall of America.
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