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# Copyright 2009 Michael Ivey, released to public domain
# Disqus guts lifted from
# I wanted it to run from MySQL and command line, instead of a Sinatra app
require 'rubygems'
require 'feed_tools'
require 'rest_client'
require 'json'
require 'sequel'
disqus_url = ''
user_api_key = ''
forum_shortname = ''
current_blog_rss = ''
db = ''
db_user = ''
resource = disqus_url
forums = JSON.parse(resource['/get_forum_list?user_api_key='+user_api_key].get)
forum_id = forums["message"].select {|forum| forum["shortname"]==forum_shortname}[0]["id"]
forum_api_key = JSON.parse(resource['/get_forum_api_key?user_api_key='+user_api_key+'&forum_id='+forum_id].get)["message"]
db = Sequel.mysql(db, :user => db_user, :host => 'localhost')
query = "SELECT title, body, author, author_email, created_at FROM contents WHERE type = 'Comment'"
# Get all of the articles from the current blog site
articles =
db[query].each do |comment|
comment_article_title = comment[:title]
# Get the blog article for the current comment thread
article = {|a| a.title.downcase == comment_article_title.downcase}[0]
if article
article_url =
thread = JSON.parse(resource['/get_thread_by_url?forum_api_key='+forum_api_key+'&url='+article_url].get)["message"]
# If a Disqus thread is not found with the current url, create a new thread and add the url.
if thread.nil?
thread = JSON.parse(resource['/thread_by_identifier'].post(:forum_api_key => forum_api_key, :identifier => comment[:title], :title => comment[:title]))["message"]["thread"]
# Update the Disqus thread with the current article url
resource['/update_thread'].post(:forum_api_key => forum_api_key, :thread_id => thread["id"], :url => article_url)
# Import posts here
if resource['/create_post'].post(:forum_api_key => forum_api_key, :thread_id => thread["id"], :message => comment[:body], :author_name => comment[:author], :author_email => comment[:author_email], :created_at => comment[:created_at].strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M"))
puts "Success: #{} on #{comment.title}"
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