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Amazon S3 Query String Authentication for Ruby on Rails
def generate_secure_s3_url(s3_key)
# s3_key would be a path (including filename) to the file like: "folder/subfolder/filename.jpg"
# but it should NOT contain the bucket name or a leading forward-slash
# this was built using these instructions:
s3_base_url = MyApp::Application::S3_BASE_URL # i.e.
bucket = MyApp::Application::S3_BUCKET # i.e. mybucket
access_key_id = MyApp::Application::S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID # your Amazon S3 access key ID
secret_access_key = MyApp::Application::S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY # your Amazon S3 secret access key
expiration_date = 2.days.from_now.utc.to_i # 2 days from now in UTC epoch time (i.e. 1308172844)
# this needs to be formatted exactly as shown below and UTF-8 encoded
string_to_sign = "GET\n\n\n#{expiration_date}\n/#{bucket}/#{s3_key}".encode("UTF-8")
# we have to CGI/URL escape the signature since it would fail if it included / or + characters
signature = CGI.escape( Base64.encode64(
secret_access_key, string_to_sign)).gsub("\n","") )
return "#{s3_base_url}/#{s3_key}?AWSAccessKeyId=#{access_key_id}

Keep in mind that .encode("UTF-8") is a Ruby 1.9+ capability.


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