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Debugging Windows Build Failure
name = "onigtest"
version = "0.1.0"
authors = ["Will Speak"]
name = "onigtest"
path = ""
onig = "3.0.1"
extern crate onig;
fn main() {
println!("Hello, world!");

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@iwillspeak iwillspeak commented Jan 17, 2018

Output for me:

>cargo run
   Compiling bitflags v1.0.1
   Compiling winapi v0.2.8
   Compiling lazy_static v1.0.0
   Compiling libc v0.2.36
   Compiling winapi-build v0.1.1
   Compiling pkg-config v0.3.9
   Compiling lazycell v0.5.1
   Compiling kernel32-sys v0.2.2
   Compiling os_pipe v0.6.0
   Compiling shared_child v0.3.2
   Compiling duct v0.9.2
   Compiling onig_sys v66.1.4
   Compiling onig v3.0.1
   Compiling onigtest v0.1.0 (file:///C:/Users/gibso/Repositories/onigtest)
    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 55.26 secs
     Running `target\debug\onigtest.exe`
Hello, world!

>rustc --version
rustc 1.23.0 (766bd11c8 2018-01-01)

>cargo --version
cargo 0.24.0 (45043115c 2017-12-05)
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