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Configure VLAN tagging on a Linux bridge.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -euo pipefail
create_bridge() {
local nsname="$1"
local ifname="$2"
echo "Creating bridge ${nsname}/${ifname}"
ip netns add ${nsname}
ip netns exec ${nsname} ip link set lo up
ip netns exec ${nsname} ip link add ${ifname} type bridge
ip netns exec ${nsname} ip link set ${ifname} up
# Enable VLAN filtering on bridge.
ip netns exec ${nsname} ip link set ${ifname} type bridge vlan_filtering 1
create_end_host() {
local host_nsname="$1"
local peer1_ifname="$2a"
local peer2_ifname="$2b"
local vlan_vid="$3"
local bridge_nsname="$4"
local bridge_ifname="$5"
echo "Creating end host ${host_nsname} connected to ${bridge_nsname}/${bridge_ifname} bridge (VLAN ${vlan_vid})"
# Create end host network namespace.
ip netns add ${host_nsname}
ip netns exec ${host_nsname} ip link set lo up
# Create a veth pair connecting end host and bridge namespaces.
ip link add ${peer1_ifname} netns ${host_nsname} type veth peer \
${peer2_ifname} netns ${bridge_nsname}
ip netns exec ${host_nsname} ip link set ${peer1_ifname} up
ip netns exec ${bridge_nsname} ip link set ${peer2_ifname} up
# Attach peer2 interface to the bridge.
ip netns exec ${bridge_nsname} ip link set ${peer2_ifname} master ${bridge_ifname}
# Put host into right VLAN
ip netns exec ${bridge_nsname} bridge vlan del dev ${peer2_ifname} vid 1
ip netns exec ${bridge_nsname} bridge vlan add dev ${peer2_ifname} vid ${vlan_vid} pvid ${vlan_vid}
# ---=== Scenario 1: simple VLAN on a bridge ===---
setup__simple_vlan() {
create_bridge netns_br0 br0
create_end_host netns_veth10 veth10 10 netns_br0 br0
create_end_host netns_veth11 veth11 10 netns_br0 br0
create_end_host netns_veth12 veth12 10 netns_br0 br0
create_end_host netns_veth20 veth20 20 netns_br0 br0
create_end_host netns_veth21 veth21 20 netns_br0 br0
create_end_host netns_veth22 veth22 20 netns_br0 br0
teardown__simple_vlan() {
ip netns delete netns_br0
ip netns delete netns_veth10
ip netns delete netns_veth11
ip netns delete netns_veth12
ip netns delete netns_veth20
ip netns delete netns_veth21
ip netns delete netns_veth22
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sugbuv commented Mar 11, 2022

@iximiuz : Please can you provide the usage command for this script. Thanks,

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iximiuz commented Mar 12, 2022

Sure! @sugbuv you can find the usage example in this blog post of mine.

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