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Last active Dec 22, 2015

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Fiware Resources
Disclaimer. This docu is shit, ask Jorge if you don't understand something :P
Idea of building LEGO blocks.
The core woudl be wirecloud, which is the frontend for the user. Is made of widgets, some are provided or we can build them.
They provide the thing.
From the widget we can connect to our own backend.
Very well suited for Real time graphs.
There's a JS API to build widgets.
A widget is a ZIP file ends in .wtg
You need a config.xml (like package.json) metadata.
In config.xml you can define the preferences that will appear in the top right of the widget.
WIRING endpoints (Connection between widgets): you can register callbacks and the output them. Yo
They have built a Proxy to bypass XSS
Then there's the context broker, which manages the contents. You can subscribe (webhooks)
We are getting a Raspi and a kit. Woohooo!
They have a wirecloud widget, so we can access it using fiware
Follow the slides to configure raspi and sensors, but it looks really straight forward
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