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A simple function to add 10x V(D)J info to a Seurat object.
add_clonotype <- function(tcr_location, seurat_obj){
tcr <- read.csv(paste(tcr_folder,"filtered_contig_annotations.csv", sep=""))
# Remove the -1 at the end of each barcode.
# Subsets so only the first line of each barcode is kept,
# as each entry for given barcode will have same clonotype.
tcr$barcode <- gsub("-1", "", tcr$barcode)
tcr <- tcr[!duplicated(tcr$barcode), ]
# Only keep the barcode and clonotype columns.
# We'll get additional clonotype info from the clonotype table.
tcr <- tcr[,c("barcode", "raw_clonotype_id")]
names(tcr)[names(tcr) == "raw_clonotype_id"] <- "clonotype_id"
# Clonotype-centric info.
clono <- read.csv(paste(tcr_folder,"clonotypes.csv", sep=""))
# Slap the AA sequences onto our original table by clonotype_id.
tcr <- merge(tcr, clono[, c("clonotype_id", "cdr3s_aa")])
# Reorder so barcodes are first column and set them as rownames.
tcr <- tcr[, c(2,1,3)]
rownames(tcr) <- tcr[,1]
tcr[,1] <- NULL
# Add to the Seurat object's metadata.
clono_seurat <- AddMetaData(object=seurat_obj, metadata=tcr)
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