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Jithin Jith j-jith

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j-jith / custom-rom-redmi2.rst
Created Oct 28, 2017
Installing a custom ROM on Xiaomi Redmi 2
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Installing a custom ROM on Xiaomi Redmi 2

Before proceeding, make sure you have backed up all your important data to another device.

Custom Recovery

Most custom ROMs require a custom recovery. In this section, I will provide the

j-jith / my-android-apps.rst
Last active Aug 20, 2017
My Android Apps
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j-jith / miui-fastboot-howto.rst
Last active May 12, 2022
How to flash MIUI Fastboot ROM from Linux
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How to flash MIUI Fastboot ROM from Linux

j-jith / synctex vim qpdfview
Last active Jan 25, 2019 — forked from bennygit/synctex vim qpdfview
synctex vim qpdfview
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# qpdfview synctex vim synchronization
# for qpdfview (Settings > Behavior > Source editor)
vim --servername vimtex --remote-silent +%2<Enter>zz %1
# for alias in .bashrc
alias vimtex='vim --servername vimtex'
j-jith /
Created Feb 20, 2017
Letting Spotlight find Brew Apps on MacOSX

Say, you want spotlight to find MacVim. Doing

brew linkapps macvim

creates a symlink in /Applications. But Spotlight seems to ignore it. Instead, remove the symlink

rm /Applications/
j-jith /
Created Nov 5, 2016
Python script for logging in to IIT Madras netaccess site.
#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import print_function, division
import requests
import getpass
import sys
def get_login_data():
'''Asks the user for the username and password. Returns a dictionary to be
passed to the /account/login post request.
j-jith /
Last active Mar 27, 2022
How to compile and install Vim 8.0 on Ubuntu

Install build dependencies

$ sudo apt-get build-dep vim

Clone git repo

$ git clone

Change to src directory

j-jith /
Last active Jul 18, 2016
Read deal.ii binary files written with Vector<>::block_write() into Python numpy arrays
import sys
import os
import numpy as np
def read_deal_vec(filename):
if not os.path.isfile(filename):
print('File not found!')
with open(filename, 'rb') as f: