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Last active August 29, 2015 14:19 — forked from bxt/
# Originally from
# Usage:
# A call to http://localhost:80000/ will cache the file
# at on disc and not redownload it again.
# To clear the cache simply do a `rm *.cached`. To stop the server simply
# send SIGINT (Ctrl-C). It does not handle any headers or post data.
import BaseHTTPServer
import hashlib
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#!/bin/sh -e
# Startup script for Red5
export RED5_HOME=/usr/share/red5/
start_red5="$RED5_HOME/ start"
stop_red5="$RED5_HOME/ stop"
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This is just a jotting of notes on how to embed Faye into a single Rails process. Makes it nice to do simple real time things without the need for a separate Faye server/process.

Also uses Faye Redis to work across load balanced Rails apps.

You also need to copy the compiled javascript into vendor/assets/javascripts and include into application.js manifest.

Ignore the numbers in the file names... just used to add order to the Gist.

This uses the faye/faye Github repo at edc5b42f6560d31eae61caf00f6765a90e1818d1 since I wanted to use with the Puma rack server and that is only available in the master branch (until Faye 1.0)

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contentArrayContains: function(id, type) {
var contains = null;
Ember.get(type, 'collection').forEach(function(item) {
if (item.get('id') === id) {
contains = item;
return contains;
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Created September 7, 2012 22:30 — forked from lancejpollard/
Tower + Ember Views
coffeecup = require('coffeecup')
watch /app\/views.*\.coffee$/
update: (path, callback) ->
nodes = path.replace("app/views/", "").split("/")
name = {}
data =
id = nodes.join("/")