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Last active March 25, 2022 20:29
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from typing import List
from web3 import Web3
import eth_abi
def submit_price_hash(ftsoIndices: List[int], prices: List[int], random: int, address: str) -> str:
assert len(ftsoIndices) == len(prices)
assert list(sorted(ftsoIndices)) == ftsoIndices and len(set(ftsoIndices)) == len(ftsoIndices), "Indices are non increasing"
return Web3.keccak(eth_abi.encode_abi(
["uint256[]", "uint256[]", "uint256", "address"],
[ftsoIndices, prices, random, address],
def test_fun(prices: List[int], random: int, address="0xD7de703D9BBC4602242D0f3149E5fFCD30Eb3ADF") -> List[str]:
return submit_price_hash(list(range(len(prices))), prices, random, address)
addrs = ["0xD7de703D9BBC4602242D0f3149E5fFCD30Eb3ADF", "0xEa960515F8b4C237730F028cBAcF0a28E7F45dE0", "0x3d91185a02774C70287F6c74Dd26d13DFB58ff16"]
prices = [0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 50, 100, 101, 10**5 + 1, 10**8]
randoms = [0, 1, 100, 101, 100000000000000000000]
for addr in addrs:
print(f"Address: {addr}")
for rand in randoms:
print(f" Random: {rand}")
print(" hash:", test_fun(prices, rand, addr))
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