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def insert_row(self, values, index=1):
""""Adds a row to the worksheet at the specified index and populates it with values.
Widens the worksheet if there are more values than columns.
:param values: List of values for the new row.
data_width = len(values)
if self.col_count < data_width:

Ubuntu 12.04, Ruby, Rails, Nginx, Unicorn and git-deploy

In the seemlingly endless search for the actual correct and easy way to deploy a Rails app, we have tried several ways. We tried out using Apache2 and running a cluster of Thin servers. With the built in threading of Puma we decided to use it with Nginx.

Server Setup

  • Create new server
  • Login to new server
    • ssh username@IPaddress (you can also use the domain name if you have the DNS setup already)
    • accept the RSA key
jab416171 /
Created Sep 25, 2012 — forked from woods/
Set color bash prompt according to git/svn branch, and return status of last command.
# Set the bash prompt according to:
# * the branch/status of the current git repository
# * the branch of the current subversion repository
# * the return value of the previous command