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  • Ensure you're running OxygenOS firmware on your current slot.
    If you do not have that firmware installed, grab it for you device from the following links:
    enchilada (OnePlus 6)
    fajita (OnePlus 6T)

Required Files

  • Download the latest platform-tools.
    The filename will be in the following format: platform-tools-latest-*.zip
    Download Link

  • Download the needed files for you device from here:
    enchilada (OnePlus 6)
    fajita (OnePlus 6T)

    The following list has all the files you need to get:

    • boot.img
    • super_empty.img
    • vbmeta.img
    • the latest OTA zip for you device (evolution_{enchilada,fajita}

    You may NOT substitute any of these files with files that you've downloaded elsewhere.

Installation/Migration steps

Notice that each command is prefixed with a ./. This is important. Please keep that prefix when you run each command.

  1. Unzip the platform-tools-latest-*.zip file you got earlier to any folder that you want.

  2. Move the following files into the same folder where you extracted platform-tools:

    • boot.img
    • super_empty.img
    • vbmeta.img
    • the latest OTA zip for you device (evolution_{enchilada,fajita}
  3. Open your terminal and navigate to the extracted platform-tools folder. Use cd to navigate to the folder.

    • If you are on Windows, use PowerShell. Do NOT use Command Prompt.
    • If you are on macOS or Linux, then use your preferred terminal and shell.
  4. Boot/Reboot your phone to the bootloader.
    Do this by unplugging your phone, powering it off, then holding Vol Up + Vol Down + Power until you see a screen with giant text at the top of the screen.

  5. Run the following to flash the retrofit dynamic partitions boot/recovery image and the empty vbmeta to the current slot:

    ./fastboot flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
    ./fastboot flash boot boot.img
  6. Erase the old Android partitions in the current slot with the following:

    ./fastboot erase system
    ./fastboot erase odm
    ./fastboot erase vendor

    This ensures that we erase any super partition metadata from other ROMs that use retrofit dynamic partitions, no matter if they store the metadata in system, odm, or vendor. If we don't do this, then we will end up encountering errors later on during the wipe-super or sideloading steps.
    This needs to be done only for the current slot and not the other slot. Step 9 describes how we will handle the other slot.

  7. Reboot your phone into recovery.
    Do this by using the volume buttons to scroll through the options until you see Recovery mode. Press the power button to select that option.

  8. In recovery, choose Advanced -> Enter fastboot to enter fastbootd.

  9. Initialize the retrofit super partitions for the current slot:

    ./fastboot wipe-super super_empty.img

    When we sideload Evo X later, update_engine will handle initializing the other slot using the current slot's metadata.

    WARNING: If fastboot returns some error message about not recognizing wipe-super or prints a long help message instead, then that means you are running a very old version of fastboot. Please go back and download the latest version of platform-tools, as mentioned in the Required Files section.

  10. Choose Enter recovery to return to recovery.

  11. While in recovery, navigate to Apply update -> Apply from ADB.

  12. Run the following to sideload to copy your firmware partitions to the other slot:

    ./adb sideload

    You may receive an error from recovery, which will state the following:

    Signature verification failed
    Install anyway?

    Choose the "Yes" option to continue, since this zip doesn't have a signature in the first place.

  13. Navigate to Apply update -> Apply from ADB again.

  14. Run the following to sideload Evolution X:

    ./adb sideload [Evolution X OTA zip name]

    If you encounter installation errors when sideloading, run ./adb pull /tmp/recovery.log to get logs to share while asking for help.

  15. If this is a new install, choose the Factory reset option. If you're migrating from non-retrofit Evolution X, skip this step.

  16. Choose Reboot system now & #KeepEvolving

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DCA318 commented May 29, 2024

is there any level of play integrity given on this rom? And if not, is there way to achieve play integrity?
Thanks for help!

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