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Jabba Laci jabbalaci

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jabbalaci / julia.json
Last active Oct 24, 2021
Unicode Input Symbols for Julia (for VS Code)
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"alap": {
"prefix": "alap",
"body": [
"#!/usr/bin/env julia",
"function main()",
" println(\"hello$0\")",
jabbalaci / lorenz.c
Created May 9, 2020
Lorenz system animation
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/* Lorenz system animation
* $ cc -Ofast lorenz.c -lm
* $ ./a.out | mpv --no-correct-pts --fps=60 --fs -
* $ ./a.out | x264 --fps 60 --frames 3600 -o lorenz.mp4 /dev/stdin
* This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.
* Ref:
* Ref:
#include <math.h>
#include <stdio.h>
jabbalaci /
Created Jun 19, 2019
Apolló mozi, Debrecen, aktuális havi moziműsor
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
from datetime import datetime
import webbrowser
1: 'januar',
2: 'februar',
3: 'marcius',
from pydub import AudioSegment
from PyQt5 import QtCore, QtWidgets
from PyQt5.QtMultimedia import *
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.animation as animation
import numpy as np
import sys
import time
import math
jabbalaci /
Created Dec 23, 2018 — forked from shahril96/
Using Z3 Theorem Solver to solve for Gardens Puzzle
import sys
import itertools
from z3 import *
# Original puzzle
Five friends have their gardens next to one another, where they grow three kinds of crops:
jabbalaci / colors.nim
Last active Mar 27, 2022
A small program to make using 256 colors in Nim less painful.
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import strformat
import tables
# A small program to make using 256 colors in Nim less painful.
# Original ZSH version from:
# P.C. Shyamshankar <>
# Copied from
# Nim rewrite by Laszlo Szathmary <>
# thanks to narimiran and kickeroo for making the code more idiomatic Nim code
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git clone

2. Add remote from original repository in your forked repository:

cd into/cloned/fork-repo
git remote add upstream git://
git fetch upstream
jabbalaci /
Created Jan 18, 2018
Extract text that is hidden in an image.
#!/usr/bin/env python3
Extract data from .
It's from the game "Doki Doki Literature Club".
Tamás Sinku showed me this problem. He also described the
solution: take the middle of the image. A black pixel means 0,
while a white pixel means 1. Read it byte by byte and convert
it to text. You get a BASE64 string with some '\0' characters
jabbalaci / vs_code_for_python.txt
Last active Sep 6, 2019
Visual Studio Code settings for Python development
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Corresponding video: (in Hungarian)
"workbench.colorTheme": "Default Light+",
"editor.fontSize": 18,
"editor.minimap.enabled": true,
"python.linting.pylintEnabled": false,
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# coding: utf8
A simple wrapper for the `mailx` command.
Send an email notification to yourself from a Python script.