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People, not frogs
@hasgeek , Got this as one of the responses for a listing that
specifically asked "NOT OK for recruiters, HR consultants, and other
intermediaries to contact this employer" . And I don't understand half
of it , what its trying
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [snip]
Date: Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 4:59 PM
Subject: regarding job opening in your company
1. We are helping right candidate to get right job (BMW in first salary).
2. Nice company to get nice candidates (handsome boys, beautiful
girls, cool designer, coding geek, smm,android fresher, exp, and xyzz
About us :
[snip] is also startup, started by two idiots after seeing
3idiots movie.
1. [snip] (exFACEBOOK employee . Worked in Google summer
of code , interviewstreet cracker and can speak Java, Hadoop , Adobe
CQ and various other technology ) students are knowing him as
[snip] and they love him some comments
2. [snip] (an IIM student , worked in Adobe and Google as
HR) due to less salary she started [snip] as co-Founder.
3. We are looking for third idiot, who drink beer.
Why startup love us.
· We understand startup well, all startup want trained people,
ready to work with day one.
· Startup wants stable, reliable, hardworking people not frogs.
· Candidates who can take responsibility to deliver best in worst
situation and less resources.
· We have tie-up with best training institutes from where you
will get trained candidates.
· We are also startup. Rather than money, we are looking for
relationship and friends.
· We are helping Bangalore startup / bootstrap groups where
more than 4000 startups are sharing their views.
T There is no processes (100s of mails) and approval , we are just
one phone call away . you can ping us in facebook , whatsapp or gtalk.
Why we charging (4%) of package
i have girlfriend
i have to pay my home rent , electricity bill , mobile bill.
i have to train students free as they are not having money.
i do love shopping.
If you are startup less than 5 person you can offer us just 1 beer.
How you can help my country and my people
work hard, your company will grow, you will hire more people , more
people will get job, more jobs , more technology, more college , more
jobs, more money , country will be rich and happy . I am also part of
my country.
Thanks for listing me, my name is [snip].
you can call or msj me on : [snip]
email me on : [snip]
add me on fb : [snip]
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