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Created December 29, 2015 21:43
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export let app = angular.module("app", ["ui.router", "ct.ui.router.extras"])
.service("SystemLazyLoadService", SystemLazyLoadService)
.config(["$stateProvider", "$urlRouterProvider", "$futureStateProvider", ($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider, $futureStateProvider) => {
$stateProvider.state('home', {
url: "",
template: template
$futureStateProvider.stateFactory("systemLazy", ["SystemLazyLoadService", "futureState", (loadService, futureState) => {
return loadService.load(futureState.src, futureState.moduleExportKey);
// These are the lazy module (future state) declarations
addSystemLazyState($futureStateProvider, "contact", "/contact", "contact/module.js", "contact");
addSystemLazyState($futureStateProvider, "about", "/about", "about/module.js", "about");
function addSystemLazyState($futureStateProvider, stateName, url, src, moduleExportKey) {
stateName: stateName,
url: url,
type: "systemLazy",
src: src,
moduleExportKey: moduleExportKey
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