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Getting Logitech F310 to work with Macbook USB-C port

Connect & use Logitech F310 with Macbook

Since my Macbook Pro only has USB-C port, I used an USB-A to USB-C adapter to connect my F310 to it, but it does not work (pressing MODE button does not turn on the LED).

How to

To make it work:

  • Disconnect F310 from Mac
  • On F310: switch X-input to D-input
  • Hold Logitech button (in the middle)
  • Connect F310 to Mac via adapter, now you can release the Logitech button.

Now you should be able to use your gamepad.


  1. Try pressing MODE button, the LED should turn on/off.
  2. Use Gamepad Tester


  • Changing it back to X-input will not work


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agileadam commented Jun 15, 2022

Thank you!

I use this controller with Keyboard Maestro. After doing the above I was able to get the controller to light up, but none of my macros were trigger. I then tried holding MODE and the middle Logitech button at the same time while plugging in (in "D" mode). To my surprise it worked! So, I recommend trying this if the controller doesn't seem to be working right.

Also, strangely enough, after doing this I can plug and unplug without holding any buttons... I just have to hit MODE to turn the controller on.

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Thank you!

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Xoloth commented Aug 14, 2022

This also works with F710! Instead of plugging USB cable I just plugged USB reciever and it worked perfectly. Thanks!

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hey, thanks!

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hey I have a problem with RT and LT. they are working as a normal button. Its not sensitive.

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sxzzz commented Dec 29, 2022

Thank you very much!!!!!

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