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name: "ruby",
takes: {"function": noun_arb_text},
icon: "",
homepage: "",
author: {name: "Jack Dempsey", email: ""},
license: "MPL,GPL",
description: "Search ruby functions documentation",
help: "Select a ruby function",
execute: function(directObject)
var url = "{QUERY}&commit=Search"
var urlString = url.replace("{QUERY}", directObject.text);
preview: function(pblock, directObject)
searchText = jQuery.trim(directObject.text);
if(searchText.length <= 0)
pblock.innerHTML = "Search ruby function documentation";
var previewTemplate = "Search ruby function documentation of ${query}";
var previewData = {query: searchText};
pblock.innerHTML = CmdUtils.renderTemplate(previewTemplate, previewData);
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