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Jackie Kazil jackiekazil

  • Washington, DC
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WiDS Python class

Getting started with Python can confusing. Hopefully, this clarifies somethings. In this class, we will go over basic concepts to give you a solid intro to the Python programming language.

  • Python 2 vs Python 3
  • python interpretor vs ipython vs code editor vs notebook
  • Anaconda vs virtualenv vs no virtualenv (Advanced intro)

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def parse_abbr_from_name(name_abbr):
''' Function to parse the abbreviation from the name '''
name, abbr = name_abbr.strip(')').split('(')
# If there are no '( )', then only one value will return, which
# means that there is no abbreviation, there is only a name.
except ValueError:
name = name_abbr
abbr = None
jackiekazil / django-jinja-integration-error
Created Aug 22, 2014
Django jinja integration error
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Request Method: GET
Request URL: http://localhost:8000/
Django Version: 1.6.5
Python Version: 3.4.1
Installed Applications:
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jackiekazil / foia-core-setup
Last active Aug 29, 2015
foia-core setup
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Project setup
clone repo
brew install python3
mkvirtualenv --python=/usr/local/bin/python3 foia-core
cd ~/Project/code/foia/foia-core
Exports Issues from a specified repository to a CSV file
Uses basic authentication (Github username + password) to retrieve Issues
from a repository that username has access to. Supports Github API v3.
import csv
import sys
import requests
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