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Receive email in PHP
require_once(__DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php');
use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase;
* This testsuite demonstrates how to use MailSlurp Email API Client in PHP
* MailSlurp let's you create real email addresses in PHP. You can then send and receive emails
* and attachments in PHP applications and tests.
* See for more information.
final class EmailTest extends TestCase
private function getConfig()
// create a mailslurp configuration with API_KEY environment variable
// get your own free API KEY at
return MailSlurp\Configuration::getDefaultConfiguration()
->setApiKey('x-api-key', getenv("API_KEY"));
public function test_CanCreateAnInbox_ThenSendAndReceiveEmails()
// create an inbox controller
$inboxController = new MailSlurp\Apis\InboxControllerApi(null, $this->getConfig());
// create an inbox
$inbox = $inboxController->createInbox();
// verify inbox has an email address ending in
public function test_CanSendAndReceiveEmail_BetweenTwoInboxes()
// create inbox and waitFor controllers
$inbox_controller = new MailSlurp\Apis\InboxControllerApi(null, $this->getConfig());
$wait_for_controller = new MailSlurp\Apis\WaitForControllerApi(null, $this->getConfig());
// create two inboxes
$inbox_1 = $inbox_controller->createInbox();
$inbox_2 = $inbox_controller->createInbox();
// send a confirmation code from inbox1 to inbox2 (sends an actual email)
$send_options = new MailSlurp\Models\SendEmailOptions();
$send_options->setBody("Confirmation code = abc123");
$inbox_controller->sendEmail($inbox_1->getId(), $send_options);
// receive email for inbox2
$timeout_ms = 30000;
$unread_only = true;
$email = $wait_for_controller->waitForLatestEmail($inbox_2->getId(), $timeout_ms, $unread_only);
// verify emails content
$this->assertEquals($inbox_1->getEmailAddress(), $email->getFrom());
$this->assertEquals($inbox_2->getEmailAddress(), $email->getTo()[0]);
$this->assertEquals("Test", $email->getSubject());
$this->assertStringContainsString("Confirmation code = ", $email->getBody());
// extract part of an email using regex (could be used in further test steps)
$matches = array();
preg_match('/.+code = (.+)/', $email->getBody(), $matches);
$confirmation_code = $matches[1];
$this->assertEquals($confirmation_code, "abc123");
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