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@jackmott jackmott/partition.fs
Last active Aug 11, 2016

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Faster Array.partition for F#
let arrayPartition f (array: _[]) =
checkNonNull array
//Hold both arrays in one of exact length
let res = Array.zeroCreate array.Length
let mutable upCount = 0
let mutable downCount = array.Length-1
for i = 0 to array.Length-1 do
let x = array.[i]
if f x then
res.[upCount] <- x
upCount <- upCount + 1
res.[downCount] <- x
downCount <- downCount - 1
//First array is just a subset
let res1 = Array.sub res 0 upCount
//Second array needs to be reversed
let res2 = Array.zeroCreate (array.Length - upCount)
downCount <- array.Length-1
for i = 0 to res2.Length-1 do
res2.[i] <- res.[downCount]
downCount <- downCount - 1
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