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Ruby International Date Parser
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Purpose:
# Extend the date parsing capabilities of Ruby to work with dates with international month names.
# Usage:
# Date.parse_international(date_string)
# DateTime.parse_international(date_string)
# date_string.to_international_date
# Notes:
# 1) This routine works by substituting your local month names (as defined by Date::MONTHNAMES) for the
# international names when they occur in the date_string.
# 2) As distributed, this code works for French, German, Italian, and Spanish. You must add the month
# names for any additional languages you wish to handle.
class Date
def self.parse_international(string)
def self.make_hash(names)
names.inject({}) {|result, name| result[name] = MONTHNAMES[result.count+1] ; result }
MONTH_TRANSLATIONS.merge! make_hash(%w/janvier février mars avril mai juin juillet août septembre octobre novembre décembre/) # French
MONTH_TRANSLATIONS.merge! make_hash(%w/Januar Februar März April Mai Juni Juli August September Oktober November Dezember/) # German
MONTH_TRANSLATIONS.merge! make_hash(%w/gennaio febbraio marzo aprile maggio giugno luglio agosto settembre ottobre novembre dicembre/) # Italian
MONTH_TRANSLATIONS.merge! make_hash(%w/enero febrero marzo abril mayo junio julio agosto septiembre octubre noviembre diciembre/) # Spanish
def self.month_to_english(string)
month_from = string[/[^\s\d,]+/i] # Search for a month name
if month_from
month_to = MONTH_TRANSLATIONS[month_from.downcase] # Look up the translation
return string.sub(month_from, month_to.to_s) if month_to
return string
class DateTime
def self.parse_international(string)
class String
def to_international_date
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duerst commented Jan 1, 2017

@greutter: This file is NOT part of Ruby. See In addition, your fix will not work for French (it will fail for the accented month names février, août, and décembre).

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thpramos commented Mar 5, 2017

Just to add to your code if you want! :)
MONTH_TRANSLATIONS.merge! make_hash(%w/Janeiro Fevereiro Março Abril Maio Junho Julho Agosto Setembro Outubro Novembro Dezembro/) # Pt-BR

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CrazybutSolid commented Apr 9, 2020

Newbie question: where would I place this? In /lib?

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