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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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$ ftp
[... login as user 'ftp', password is your email address ...]
ftp> cd pub/data/gsod
250 CWD command successful
ftp> get ish-history.txt
[... transfer info ...]
ftp> cd 2013
250 CWD command successful
ftp> get gsod_2013.tar
[... transfer info ...]
Put 'ish-history.txt' in the top directory of your clojure project, make a sub-directory called 'weather', then untar the archive of GSOD data into that directory.
(use quil.core))
(defn parse-fixed-width-fields [line cuts]
(loop [in-str line cuts cuts out []]
(if (seq cuts)
(recur (subs in-str (first cuts)) (rest cuts) (conj out (clojure.string/trim (subs in-str 0 (first cuts)))))
(defn parse-weather-station [line]
(zipmap [:usaf :wban :station-name :country :state :call-sign :lat :long :elevation :begin :end]
(parse-fixed-width-fields line [7 6 30 3 6 6 7 8 10 9 8])))
(defn load-weather-stations [filename]
(reduce #(assoc %1 (str (:usaf %2) "-" (:wban %2)) %2) {}
(map parse-weather-station (drop 22 (clojure.string/split-lines (slurp filename))))))
(def weather-stations (load-weather-stations "ish-history.txt"))
(defn load-weather-file [filename]
(rest (for [line (clojure.string/split-lines (slurp filename))]
;; slp-a slp-b stp-a stp-b visibility-min visibility-max windspeed-min windspeed-max maxspeed gust max min precipitation sndp frshtt
(let [[usaf wban ymd-date temp temp-time dew-point dew-time & junk] (clojure.string/split line #"[ ]+")]
{:usaf usaf :wban wban :ymd-date ymd-date :temp temp :dew-point dew-point}))))
(def weather-files
(filter #(.contains % "op") (map str (file-seq ( "weather")))))
(defn get-weather-station [records]
(let [sample (first records)]
(weather-stations (str (sample :usaf) "-" (sample :wban)))))
(def all-records
(remove (comp nil? get-weather-station) (pmap load-weather-file weather-files)))
(defn f-to-c
"I can't believe weather stations use the units of perfidy!"
(float (* (- f 32) 5/9)))
(defn string-to-lat-or-long [s]
(let [len (count s)]
(if (> 3 len)
(read-string (str (subs s 0 (- len 3)) "." (subs s (- len 3)))))))
(def all-temps
(for [records all-records]
(let [station (get-weather-station records)
temps (map (comp f-to-c read-string :temp) records)
dews (map (comp #(if (> % 100) 0 %)
f-to-c read-string :dew-point) records)]
(list (apply min temps) (apply max temps) (apply max dews)
(station :station-name) (station :country)
(string-to-lat-or-long (station :lat)) (string-to-lat-or-long (station :long))))))
;;(count all-temps)
;; => 12089
;;(apply min (map first all-temps))
;; => -79.27778
;;(apply max (map second all-temps))
;; => 43.22222
(def best-weather
(filter #(let [[low high dew station-name country lat long] %]
(and (> low 0)
(< high 29)
(> high 20)
(< dew 23)
(> dew 9)
(not= country "")
(not= lat -999999))) all-temps))
;; whole planet
(def min-long -180)
(def max-long 180)
(def max-lat -90)
(def min-lat 90)
;; just western eurasia
;;(def min-long -40)
;;(def max-long 40)
;;(def max-lat 24)
;;(def min-lat 64)
(defn setup []
(frame-rate 10))
(defn draw []
(background 0x181818)
(stroke-weight 3)
(stroke 60)
(doseq [[_ _ _ _ _ lat long] all-temps]
(point (map-range long min-long max-long 0 (width))
(map-range lat min-lat max-lat 0 (height))))
(stroke 255)
(doseq [[_ _ _ _ _ lat long] best-weather]
(point (map-range long min-long max-long 0 (width))
(map-range lat min-lat max-lat 0 (height)))))
;; this will start the sketch
(defsketch example
:title "Mapping the good weather"
:setup setup
:draw draw
:size [800 400])
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