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@jackrusher jackrusher/planetoid.cljs
Last active Feb 28, 2019

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(ns planetoid
(:require [chia.util.js-interop :as j]
["three" :as three]
["bezier-easing" :as BezierEasing]))
(defonce renderer
(doto (three/WebGLRenderer. (clj->js :antialias true))
(.setPixelRatio (.-devicePixelRatio js/window))
(.setSize (.-innerWidth js/window) (.-innerHeight js/window))
(.setClearColor "#000000")
(j/assoc-in! [:shadowMap :enabled] true)
(-> (j/get :domElement) (->> (.appendChild (.-body js/document))))))
(defonce scene
(defonce ambient-light
(doto (three/AmbientLight. 0xffffff 0.1)
(->> (.add scene))))
(defonce spot-light
(doto (three/SpotLight. 0xffeeff )
(j/update! :position j/call :set 20 0 80)
(->> (.add scene))))
(def camera
(doto (three/PerspectiveCamera. 75 (/ (.-innerWidth js/window) (.-innerHeight js/window)) 0.1 1000)
(j/update! :position j/call :set 0 0 50)
(.lookAt (three/Vector3.))))
(defonce mesh (atom nil))
(defn set-mesh [m]
(when (not (nil? @mesh))
(.remove scene @mesh))
(reset! mesh m)
(.add scene m))
(def bezier
(map (BezierEasing. 0.74 -0.01 0.21 0.99)
(range 0 1 (/ 1.0 24))) ; 24 frames of motion,
(repeat 8 1))) ; then static for 8 frames
(def last-tick (atom (.now js/Date)))
(def current-frame (atom 0))
(defn render []
(let [fps 24.0 ; goal, often not reality
num-frames 32
frame-duration (/ 1000 (float fps))
time (.now js/Date)]
(when (>= time (+ @last-tick frame-duration))
(reset! last-tick time)
(swap! current-frame #(mod (inc %) num-frames))
(when-let [m (second (.-children @mesh))]
(j/assoc-in! m [:rotation :y] (* 2 Math/PI (nth bezier @current-frame))))))
(.render renderer scene camera))
(defn animate []
(.requestAnimationFrame js/window animate)
(defn init []
(println "starting...")
(set-mesh (three/Group.)) ; initial empty mesh for `animate`
(.load (three/TextureLoader.)
(fn [texture]
(j/assoc! texture
:wrapS three/RepeatWrapping
:wrapT three/RepeatWrapping)
(doto (three/Group.)
(.add (-> (three/Mesh. (three/BoxGeometry. 1000 1000 0.25)
(three/MeshStandardMaterial. (js-obj "color" 0xfeedfe
"roughness" 0.8
"metalness" 0.2)))
(j/update! :position j/call :set 0 0 -50)
(j/assoc! :receiveShadow true)))
(.add (-> (three/Mesh. (three/SphereGeometry. 20 40 40)
(three/MeshStandardMaterial. (js-obj "color" 0x686666
"map" texture
"displacementMap" texture
"displacementScale" 2
"roughness" 0.7
"metalness" 0.3)))
(j/assoc! :castShadow true)))))))
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