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Last active Jun 18, 2020
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Quick and dirty .srt file translation using cheeseshop packages translate, funcy
import sys
import srt
from translate import Translator
import funcy as fy
codec = 'ISO-8859-1'
tr = Translator('sv', email='your.adress@provider.x')
inf = sys.argv[-1]
outf = f"{inf.split('.srt')[0]}"
translated = ()
with open(sys.argv[-1], encoding=codec) as fp:
texts = srt.parse(
out = open(outf, encoding=codec)
translated = srt.parse(
resume = fy.last(translated).index
out = open(outf, 'a')
except IOError:
out = open(outf, 'w', encoding=codec)
resume = 0
for text in texts:
if text.index > resume:
sv = tr.translate(text.content)
print(f"TEXT {text.index}, {sv}")
out.write(text.to_srt().replace(text.content, sv))
resume += 1
print(f"{inf} translation done.")
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