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Automatic Differentiation to calculation score function with Julia
# Automatic Differentiation example with forward accumulation
# Here we calculate the gradient of the loglikelihood of a normal
# distribution wrt to the mean and variance (i.e. the score function)
# load package for AD and Distributions
using ForwardDiff, Distributions
# parameters
μ = 10.0; # true mean
σ² = 1; # true variance
n = 100; # number of observations to be sampled
# put parameters in an array
x = [μ, σ²];
# sample observations
y = rand(Normal(μ, σ²), n);
# create function to take the gradient of
h(x) = loglikelihood(Normal(x[1], x[2]), y)
# calculate gradient and evaluate at truth
ForwardDiff.gradient(h, [μ, σ²])
# analytically derived score functions for comparison
# (note that sigma is assumed 1)
# partial log L / partial μ
sum(y - μ)
# partial log L / partial σ²
-n / 2 + 0.5 * sum((y-μ).^2)
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