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Generate optimized and responsive images using TinyPNGs API
#!/usr/bin/env bb
(ns optimize-img
(:require [babashka.fs :as fs]
[babashka.http-client :as http]
[cheshire.core :as json]
[ :as io]
[clojure.string :as str]
[ :as cli]))
(def cli-options
[["-w" "--width WIDTH" "Width(s) - if multiple seperate with comma."]
["-i" "--height HEIGHT" "Height(s) - if multiple seperate with comma."]
["-m" "--resize-method METHOD" "Method can be either scale, fit or cover."]
["-t" "--type TYPE" "Convert to image type: image/webp, image/png or image/jpeg."]
["-k" "--api-key APIKEY" "Reads key from file if exists, falls back to use as actual API key."]
["-h" "--help"]])
(defn shrink
[api-key img-file]
(http/post ""
{:basic-auth ["api" api-key]
:body img-file}))
(def valid-image-types
#{"image/png" "image/webp" "image/jpeg" nil})
(defn pad [n coll]
(take n (concat coll (repeat nil))))
(defn request-bodies
"Construct a list of valid request bodies or throw an exception."
[{:keys [resize-method type] :as options}]
(let [width (some-> (:width options) (str/split #","))
height (some-> (:height options) (str/split #","))]
(when-not (contains? valid-image-types type)
(throw (ex-info "Invalid argument: type" {})))
(when (= "scale" resize-method)
(when-not (or (and width (not height))
(and (not width) height))
(throw (ex-info "Invalid argument: resize-method, requires either width or height" {}))))
(when (contains? #{"fit" "cover"} resize-method)
(when-not (and width height
(= (count width) (count height)))
(throw (ex-info "Invalid argument: resize-method, requires width & height to match" {}))))
(let [padding (max (count width) (count height))]
(-> (map (fn [w h] {:resize (-> {:method resize-method}
(conj (when w [:width (Integer/parseInt w)]))
(conj (when h [:height (Integer/parseInt h)])))})
(pad padding width)
(pad padding height))
(conj {}) ; always get optimized version of original size
(->> (map #(conj % (when type [:convert {:type type}]))))))))
(defn get-image-output
"Takes an API key, an output URL from the TinyPNG shrink operation
and a request body, optionally specifying resizing and type convertion.
Returns a HTTP response with the output result.
[api-key url body]
(http/post url
{:basic-auth ["api" api-key]
:headers {:content-type "application/json"}
:as :stream
:body (json/encode body)}))
(def image-extension
{"image/jpeg" "jpg"
"image/webp" "webp"
"image/png" "png"})
(def variant-header
{:width "image-width"
:height "image-height"})
(defn save-output-response
"Takes a base file name (without extension), and variants order (width, height) and the TinyPNG output response.
Saves the image file from reponse body (InputStream) to a file."
[base-name response]
(let [variants (some-> (get-in response [:request :body]) ; only original HTTP request reveals if resizing was requested
(json/parse-string true)
(select-keys [:width :height])
reverse) ; ensure width is always first when defined (width x height)
ext (image-extension (get-in response [:headers "content-type"]))
name-postfix (some->> variants ; only postfix resized file names with size
(map #(str "_" (get-in response [:headers (variant-header %)])))
(str/join ""))]
(println "Saving" (str base-name name-postfix "." ext))
(:body response)
(io/file (str base-name name-postfix "." ext)))))
(defn usage
(->> '("Usage: ./optimize_img.clj <img file> [<out path>] -k <keyfile|key> \\"
" [-t <image type>] \\"
" [-m <resize method>] [-w <widths>] [-h <heights>]"
"Example: ./optimize_img.clj unoptimized.jpg out-dir -k tinypng_api.txt \\"
" -t image/webp -m scale -w 1280,920")
(str/join "\n")
(defn main
[& args]
(let [{:keys [options arguments _summary]} (cli/parse-opts args cli-options)
[img-source-path out-path] arguments
img-source (io/file img-source-path)
api-key (when-let [key-file (:api-key options)]
(if (.exists (io/file key-file))
(slurp key-file)
(when (:help options)
(System/exit 0))
(when-not (.exists img-source)
(println "Invalid img source path:" (or img-source-path "<unspecified>"))
(System/exit 2))
(when-not api-key
(println "Invalid API key" (:api-key options))
(System/exit 2))
(println "Optimizing" img-source-path)
(let [[_ name ext] (->> (.getName img-source)
(re-find #"^(.+)(\.[^.]+)$"))
destination (io/file (or out-path "."))
base-name (str (.getPath destination) "/" name)
url (-> (shrink api-key img-source) (get-in [:headers "location"]))]
(when (= (.getCanonicalPath (.getParentFile img-source))
(.getCanonicalPath destination))
(println "Avoid overwrite by moving original to" (str base-name "_orig" ext))
(fs/move img-source
(io/file (str base-name "_orig" ext))))
(->> options
(map (partial get-image-output api-key url))
(map (partial save-output-response base-name))
(apply main *command-line-args*)
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