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SyncLounge Docker guide

Here's how you set up on SyncLounge with Docker (Now with Markdown):
First make sure you got the Docker Hub in your registry:

Download the latest SyncLounge image:

Launch the image, and go to advanced settings:
Create Container

Enable auto-restart, and make a shortcut if you want:
Advanced Settings
You can edit settings later by clicking the container, and pressing 'Edit' if it's not running.

Configure the network, and ports to use:
Port Settings
Just use the same network as Docker, and leave them as default if you can.

Set the environment variables:
Click Apply, finish the setup, an start it. It can take 20-30 minutes to start every time if you're running on an old NAS.

If you wanna update the container you have to re-download/overwrite the image.
Then clear the container, and restart it:
Hope this good enough to get you through the setup. Now if you want to actually use SyncLougne.
Just connect with http://IP:PORT1/slweb, log-in with Plex, choose your player.
Then select Custom Server. Type http://IP:PORT2/slserver Type in the room name, and password.
Then you should be good to go. You can invite people with the button at the top.

Other people need access to the same episode/movie/video on their/your/someones Plex server.
You can invite people to your Plex like this:
Plex invite
They need a Plex account before you can share your server with them.
You just need to run the server, and portforward the ports.

You can use the SyncLounge Player (BETA) player in your browser.
You can double click another user to make them the room leader.
Also if you use the Plex Media Player application, play in original quality, and have direct play on.
Then the server wont need to transcode. You can get the Plex Media Player from here:
(Different than the Plex desktop application. Tho it does the same job. Just works better for most):
Just scroll down to the newest post, and download the version for Mac or Windows.

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Any chance you or someone could make a version of SyncLounge that will work/run on Netgear ReadyNAS?

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