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jacobobryant /
Last active May 25, 2023 23:49
How to add a toggle button for dark mode with Biff and Tailwind

How to add a toggle button for dark mode with Biff and Tailwind

By default, Tailwind's dark mode classes will take effect automatically if the user's operating system is already set to dark mode. Follow these instructions if you would also like to provide a toggle button so the user can override the operating system setting.

Set darkMode: 'class' in tailwind.config.js:

jacobobryant / deps.edn
Created April 18, 2023 17:16
Get # of unique slack channel participants per month
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{:deps {clj-http/clj-http {:mvn/version "3.12.3"}
org.jsoup/jsoup {:mvn/version "1.11.3"}}}
jacobobryant / dashboard.clj
Last active March 28, 2023 06:08
Internal dashboard code being used in
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(:require [com.biffweb :as biff]
[clojure.string :as str]
[cheshire.core :as cheshire]))
(defn debug [x]
[:pre (with-out-str (biff/pprint x))])
;; slight modification of clojure.core/distinct
(defn distinct-by
jacobobryant /
Last active May 25, 2023 23:26
How to let users upload images to S3 with Biff

How to let users upload images to S3 with Biff

Add the provided s3.clj file to your project, and set the following keys in config.edn and secrets.env:

;; config.edn
:s3/origin ""
:s3/edge ""
:s3/bucket "your-bucket"
:s3/access-key "..."
jacobobryant / juice.js
Last active February 25, 2023 02:08
Some JS functions used in Yakread
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// A serverless function for Readability that I'm currently using
let juice = require('juice');
function main(opts) {
let html = juice(opts['html'], { webResources: { images: false } });
return { body: { html } };
exports.main = main;
jacobobryant / Dockerfile
Created December 18, 2022 01:30
Dockerfile for deploying Biff on
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from clojure:temurin-17-tools-deps-bullseye
ENV BB_COMMIT=965c177bca31ae9882c975ef7db448e12f59984e
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \
curl \
&& rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*
RUN curl$TRENCH_VERSION/trenchman_${TRENCH_VERSION}_linux_amd64.tar.gz \
jacobobryant /
Created September 16, 2022 17:30
Newsletter topic extraction
Usage: python extract_keywords
Reads from storage/keywords/corpus.csv, which has columns `<ID>,<Title>,<Description>`. Writes
keywords to storage/keywords/output.csv
I use this for newsletter topic modeling at
import sys
import nltk
jacobobryant /
Created February 4, 2022 01:26
git dad: improve git's error message

Add this to your .bashrc to improve git's error message for a common typo:

git() {
  if [ "$1" = dad ]; then
    curl -H "Accept: text/plain"
    $(which git) "$@"
jacobobryant /
Created August 20, 2021 18:25
Example of debugging an http endpoint (or function in general) in Biff (or Clojure in general)

Ratings API

I just added an API endpoint which gives you all your ratings as JSON. You could use it to e.g. fetch all your favorited articles and send them to your aunt. You can enable it from the settings page.

Also, Findka Essays has been a little flaky this week. There have been a couple days when it hasn't sent the emails out. I can trigger them manually, but I, uh, sometimes get distracted. Anyway, I've tweaked some things and hopefully it won't be an issue anymore. But either way, I'm keeping an eye on it, and I'll dig in further if the problem persists.