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jacobrossi/IE11 Secret

Last active Oct 6, 2015
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IE11 Standards - an incomplete list
CSS 2D Transforms
CSS 3D Transforms
CSS Animations
CSS Backgrounds & Borders Level 3
CSS Color
CSS Flexbox Layout Module
CSS Fonts
CSS Grid
CSS Hyphenation
CSS Image Values (Gradients)
CSS Media Queries
CSS multi-column Layout
CSS Namespaces
CSS OM Views
CSS Positioned Floats (Exclusions)
CSS Selectors
CSS Transitions
CSS Values and Units
Data URI
Device Orientation Events
DOM Element Traversal
DOM Level 3 Core
DOM Level 3 Events
DOM4 Mutation Observers
DOM Style
DOM Traversal and Range
DOMParser and XMLSerializer
ECMAScript 6
File Reader API
File Saving
Fullscreen API
HTML5 Application Cache
HTML5 async
HTML5 BlobBuilder
HTML5 Canvas
HTML5 Custom Data
HTML5 Drag and drop
HTML5 Forms and Validation
HTML5 Geolocation
HTML5 History API
HTML5 Page Transition Events
HTML5 Parser
HTML5 Sandbox
HTML5 Selection
HTML5 semantic elements
HTML5 track
HTML5 video and audio
JavaScript Typed Array
ICC Color Profiles
Input Method Editor API
Media Source Extensions
Navigation Timing
Page Visibility
Pointer Events
Navigation Timing
Screen Orientation API
Selectors API Level 2
SVG Filter Effects
SVG, standalone and in HTML
Tracking Preferences Expression (DNT)
Web Cryptography API
Web GL
Web Messaging
Web Sockets
Web Video Text Tracks Format
Web Workers
XMLHttpRequest (Level 2)
XMLHttpRequest (Level 3)
XMLHttpRequest CORS
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