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!String(s, s) // unique ID and text visible in game
// Unique Quest Codename
String("MainQuestStart_Name", "Another Day, Another Dollar")
String("Radio2Captain1_Name", "NotAlone")
String("MainQuestEpilog_Name", "Epilog")
// Unique Quest Descriptions
String("MainQuestStart_Desc", "First Quest is about things")
String("MainQuestEpilog_Desc", "Last Quest")
// ...Objectives...
String("QuestStartJoe_Debug", "DebugBox")
String("QuestStartJoe_Talk", "Talk to Officer Joe")
String("MainQuestStart_TakeCookies", "Get the beverage from the vending machine")
String("MainQuestStart_TalkRadioBegin", "Take orders from Officer Miles")
String("MainQuestStart_BasementOrders", "Follow Officer Joe to the door")
String("MainQuestStart_BasementOrders2", "Follow Officer Joe to the stairwell")
String("MainQuestStart_TakeRifle", "Grab a new rifle and a key card")
String("MainQuestStart_BasementEnter", "Enter the lower maintenance area")
String("MainQuestStart_FlipBreakers", "Flip 3 breaker boxes")
String("MainQuestStart_Elevator2Top", "Access the elevator")
String("MainQuestStart_Travel2Top", "Get to the top floor")
String("MainQuestStart_OrdersFromMiles", "Take orders from Officer Miles")
String("MainQuestStart_ClearSecurityFloor", "Clear the floor of enemies")
String("MainQuestStart_CheckOnMiles", "Check on Officer Miles")
String("MainQuestStart_GetToLabOrders", "Take orders from Officer Miles")
String("MainQuestStart_AccessElevatorForLab", "Enter the elevator")
String("MainQuestStart_TakeElevatorToLab", "Return to the maintenance floor")
String("MainQuestStart_EnterLab", "Enter the secret lab")
String("MainQuestStart_CheckAntizen", "Check on the antizen")
String("MainQuestStart_FindAntizen", "Find 2 missing vials of Antizen")
String("MainQuestStart_ReturnAntizen", "Refrigerate the Antizen")
String("MainQuestEpilog_Go", "Go back to front desk")
// Special Item names
String("MainQuestStart_Item_CranesRifle", "A new rifle")
String("MainQuestStart_Item_RifleA", "Rifle")
String("MainQuestStart_Item_Cookies", "Unclaimed cookies")
String("MainQuestStart_Item_JoesBeverage", "Joes Beverage")
String("MainQuestStart_Item_AccessCard", "Maintenance Area Keycard")
String("MainQuestStart_Item_CardA", "Keycard")
String("MainQuestStart_Item_BreakerBoxA", "Box A")
String("MainQuestStart_Item_BreakerBoxB", "Box B")
String("MainQuestStart_Item_BreakerBoxC", "Box C")
String("MainQuestStart_Item_Vial9", "Vial 9")
String("MainQuestStart_Item_Vial10", "Vial 10")
// ...Dialogue...
// ...NPC Names...
String("Blake_Name", "Officer Joe")
String("Derek_Name","Officer Miles")
// ...Player Info...
String("MagicCrane_Talk", "Talk Via Crane")
String("Jade_00DLG00","Stay here and make sure the main doors are secure.")
String("MagicCrane2_Talk", "Talk Via Crane")
String("Jafar_00DLG00","Radio Crane Not Alone")
String("Jade_00DLG03","[RADIO] The bandits are under control but, only 8 of our 10 antizen vials are here.")
String("Jade_00DLG04","[RADIO] Its probably on one of these bandits. I will search for them.")
String("Jade_00DLG05","[RADIO] Found them! I'll put them back in the fridge.")
String("Jade_00DLG06","[RADIO] The vials are safe and sound.")
// ...Dialog Text...
String("Blake_00DLG00","What a boring day, am I right?...I got to start bringing a book to work or something.")
String("Jade_00DLG01","Tell me about it. Did you enjoy the weekend with the kids?")
String("Blake_00DLG04","Yeah, it was nice to just get away from work and spend time with them.")
String("Blake_00DLG05","Oh! hey man, do me a favor. That vending machine over there - can you grab my beverage from it? I forgot to grab it.")
String("Derek_00DLG01","[RADIO] Damnit! This old building needs some major upgrades!")
String("Derek_00DLG02","[RADIO] Crane! I need you to restore the power in the basement ASAP. We gotta keep that lab secure.")
String("Blake_00DLG02","Maybe I spoke to soon. At least we got flashlights ( T ).")
String("Blake_00DLG06","Alright. The access card to the basement is on the desk in the shipping docks office.")
String("Jade_00DLG00","Joe, stay upstairs and check the doors for potential breaches.")
String("Blake_00DLG07","Alright. Grab a rifle while you are down there. We just got a new shipment in.")
String("Jafar_00DLG00","[RADIO] We got bandits in the stairwells!")
String("Derek_00DLG03","[RADIO] ...and Crane...grab a rifle just in case. Don't waste time coming up here though. Just grab one from the van downstairs for now; I want this power on ASAP.")
String("Derek_00DLG04","[RADIO] Crane! They must have come in through the roof! Get up to the security floor ASAP! ... Use the elevator!")
String("Derek_00DLG05","[RADIO] Crane! I got a few but, I'm injured and there are too many for me!")
String("Derek_00DLG06","[RADIO] I need you to take out the rest. I locked myself in the security office for now.")
String("Derek_00DLG07","Crane, is that you?...I'll open the door.")
String("Derek_00DLG08","Listen, these guys are after the antizen; I heard them talking.")
String("Derek_00DLG09","They took the stairs as you were coming up the elevator!")
String("Derek_00DLG10","Take the elevator back down to the basement and go to the lab. We have to stop them!")
String("Derek_00DLG11","[RADIO] Great Job Crane! Now, get back up here and lets discuss your upcoming promotion!")
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jacobryanwheeler commented May 26, 2023

This project is finished as of May 2023.

I learned a lot:
-I learned how to group things differently for better results and simultaneous code-firing
-For the first time, I tried multi-part objectives
-For the first time, I created separate paths that fired depending on the order that the player proceeded through the level
-I learned how to program the AI better in this mod than in prior mods

Things that went well:
-Everything worked as intended
-I managed to get everything working from my original design

Even better if:
-I could have cleaned up this code even more; for example, I could have used more multi-enable/disable lines of code instead of individual enable/disables
-I could have spent more time learning how to ground objects together to make for cleaner code
-I could have spent more time learning how the layers system worked in order to script events by layer which would have allowed for more dynamic changes in the scene; because this did not happen, I cut a lot of the dynamic environmental changes I had planned for the level.

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