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Example of using JadedPHP controllers, filters and filter chains.
// initialize the JadedPHP library here
class MyController extends Jaded_Controller
protected function process(Jaded_Request $oRequest, Jaded_Response $oResponse)
$oResponse->assign('myVar', 'this is the assigned value');
$oResponse->assign('requestVar', $oRequest->getParam('reqParam'));
class RequestFillerFilter extends Jaded_Controller_Filter_PreProcessor
protected function preProcess(Jaded_Request $oRequest, Jaded_Response $oResponse)
$oRequest->setParam('requestVar', 123);
class Print_RFilter extends Jaded_Controller_Filter_PostProcessor
protected function postProcess(Jaded_Request $oRequest, Jaded_Response $oResponse)
class CommonFilterChain extends Jaded_Controller_Filter_Chain
protected $aFilters = array(
$oController = new MyController();
$oRequest = new Jaded_Request();
$oResponse = new Jaded_Response();
$oFilter = new CommonFilterChain($oController);
$oFilter->dispatch($oRequest, $oResponse);
[myVar] => 'this is the assigned value'
[requestVar] => 123
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