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0 $ python
WARN: gym.spaces.Box autodetected dtype as <class 'numpy.float32'>. Please provide explicit dtype.
WARN: You are calling 'step()' even though this environment has already returned done = True. You should always call 'reset()' once you receive 'done = True' -- any further steps are undefined behavior.
Exception ignored in: <function Viewer.__del__ at 0x119f546a8>
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Users/jagill/.envs/gym/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gym/envs/classic_control/", line 143, in __del__
File "/Users/jagill/.envs/gym/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gym/envs/classic_control/", line 62, in close
File "/Users/jagill/.envs/gym/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pyglet/window/cocoa/", line 281, in close
File "/Users/jagill/.envs/gym/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pyglet/window/", line 770, in close
ImportError: sys.meta_path is None, Python is likely shutting down
View editor-0df1847531833806dd71e863147724f10f937e15
{"mode":"editor","version":1,"windowDimensions":{"x":1975,"y":-439,"width":1998,"height":1112,"maximized":false},"grammars":{"deserializer":"GrammarRegistry","grammarOverridesByPath":{}},"project":{"paths":["/Users/jag/euler"],"buffers":[{"text":"# coding: utf8\n\n'''\nTriangle, pentagonal, and hexagonal numbers are generated by the following\nformulae:\n\nTriangle\t \tTn=n(n+1)/2\t \t1, 3, 6, 10, 15, ...\nPentagonal\t \tPn=n(3n−1)/2\t \t1, 5, 12, 22, 35, ...\nHexagonal\t \tHn=n(2n−1)\t \t1, 6, 15, 28, 45, ...\nIt can be verified that T285 = P165 = H143 = 40755.\n\nFind the next triangle number that is also pentagonal and hexagonal.\n'''\n\ndef triangle(n):\n return n*(n+1)/2\n\ndef pentagonal(n):\n return n*(3*n-1)/2\n\ndef hexagonal(n):\n return n*(2*n - 1)\n\n\ncurrentTn = 0\ncurrentT = 0\n\ncurrentPn = 0\ncurrentP = 0\n\ni = 0\nwhile True:\n i += 1\n h = hexagonal(i)\n while currentT < h:\n currentTn += 1\n currentT = triangle(currentTn)\n while currentP < h:\n cu
View gist:8ff45414c9ad640a409a
* A Listener has four states: stopped, listening, continuous (listening), and stopping.
* (we'll handling pending/not-supported later).
* It starts off as stopped. It can be started normally, or in continuous mode.
* Listener Methods
* ================
* Listener.start (normal):
* listener.continous = false
jagill / longlinebug.js
Created Sep 10, 2014
Example of syntax highlighting bug for long lines in atom's javascript package
View longlinebug.js
var languageTags6391To6392 = {'ab':'abk','aa':'aar','af':'afr','sq':'sqi','am':'amh','ar':'ara','an':'arg','hy':'hye','as':'asm','ae':'ave','ay':'aym','az':'aze','ba':'bak','eu':'eus','be':'bel','bn':'ben','bh':'bih','bi':'bis','bs':'bos','br':'bre','bg':'bul','my':'mya','ca':'cat','ch':'cha','ce':'che','zh':'zho','cu':'chu','cv':'chv','kw':'cor','co':'cos','hr':'hrv','cs':'ces','da':'dan','dv':'div','nl':'nld','dz':'dzo','en':'eng','eo':'epo','et':'est','fo':'fao','fj':'fij','fi':'fin','fr':'fra','gd':'gla','gl':'glg','ka':'kat','de':'deu','el':'ell','gn':'grn','gu':'guj','ht':'hat','ha':'hau','he':'heb','hz':'her','hi':'hin','ho':'hmo','hu':'hun','is':'isl','io':'ido','id':'ind','ia':'ina','ie':'ile','iu':'iku','ik':'ipk','ga':'gle','it':'ita','ja':'jpn','jv':'jav','kl':'kal','kn':'kan','ks':'kas','kk':'kaz','km':'khm','ki':'kik','rw':'kin','ky':'kir','kv':'kom','ko':'kor','kj':'kua','ku':'kur','lo':'lao','la':'lat','lv':'lav','li':'lim','ln':'lin','lt':'lit','lb':'ltz','mk':'mkd','mg':'mlg','ms':'m
jagill /
Last active Jan 4, 2016
Find remote branches which have been fully merged into a given branch.
for b in `git branch -r | awk '{print $1}'`; do
numLogs=`git log --oneline $baseBranch..$b | wc -l`;
lastModified=`git show $b | grep "^Date:" | sed 's/^Date:\(.*\)/\1/'`
echo $b : $numLogs : $lastModified;
done | grep " 0 "
jagill / gist:7953616
Created Dec 13, 2013
Meteor update from 0.6.7-rc0 to 0.6.7-rc1 failure
View gist:7953616
jag@coati:/tmp$ meteor create --release 0.6.7-rc1 test2
Installing Meteor 0.6.7-rc1:
* Package updates: accounts-ui-unstyled facebook facts github google madewith
meetup meteor mongo-livedata spiderable templating test-in-browser twitter
Failed to load packages for release 0.6.7-rc1
jagill / Build output
Created Dec 13, 2013
My application fails to build when upgrading from Meteor to 0.6.7-rc0.
View Build output
jag@coati:~/madeye/integration-tests/apogee (develop)$ meteor --settings "$PWD/settings.json" --port $MADEYE_APOGEE_PORT --release 0.6.7-rc0 --raw-logs
=> Using Meteor 0.6.7-rc0 as requested (overriding Meteor
[[[[[ ~/madeye/integration-tests/apogee ]]]]]
iron-router: updating npm dependencies -- connect...
stripe: updating npm dependencies -- stripe...
npm ERR! missing: coffee-script@1.6.3, required by pince@0.0.4
npm ERR! missing: underscore@1.5.2, required by pince@0.0.4
npm ERR! missing: moment@2.4.0, required by pince@0.0.4
jagill / test output
Created Dec 6, 2013
Test failures for oortcloud/node-ddp-client#master I'm on OS X 10.8.5, with node version 0.8.21
View test output
jag@coati:/tmp/node-ddp-client (master)$ npm install && npm test
> ddp@0.3.7 test /private/tmp/node-ddp-client
> ./node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha test
✖ 4 of 9 tests failed:
jagill / terminal output
Created Nov 14, 2013
undefined to_sym bug in homebrew
View terminal output
jag@coati:~$ brew update
Error: undefined method `to_sym' for nil:NilClass
Please report this bug:
/usr/local/Library/Homebrew/cmd/update.rb:134:in `report'
/usr/local/Library/Homebrew/cmd/update.rb:132:in `each_line'
/usr/local/Library/Homebrew/cmd/update.rb:132:in `report'
/usr/local/Library/Homebrew/cmd/update.rb:36:in `update'
/usr/local/Library/brew.rb:91:in `send'
jagill / laikaTest.js
Created Oct 28, 2013
laika fails on pending tests
View laikaTest.js
assert = require('assert');
describe('Test test', function(){
it('should ignore pending tests');
//it('should ignore pending tests', function(){
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