Pros and Cos of TFS and Git

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• Familiar to current team
• Has a UI tool within Visual Studio
• Close tie in to Work Items
• Slow to pull, check in and branch
• Merge conflicts are frequent
• Encourages infrequent check in due to merge conflicts and slow performance
• Branching frequently leads to time consuming conflicts
• Central repository requires connection to safely work (disconnected model is unreliable)
• Requires Visual Studio
• Server managed workspaces cause pain when straying from the happy path
• Distributed source control, no central repository to depend upon
• Low friction branching
• Low friction merging encouraging frequent check in
• Ability to cherry pick commits, for example to hotfix
• All actions are near instant
• Modern tools are far more adept at integrating with Git than they are with TFS
• Small learning curve for people familiar with TFS
• No “integrated experience”, other tools required for issue management, CI, etc
• Hosting your own Git server is not a totally friction free setup experience
• Risk of taking bad TFS habits to Git

TFS Con: you need to make sure the central server is backed up
Git Pro: You can have local version of GitHub:

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