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jakearchibald/parse-json.js Secret

Last active Nov 29, 2017
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export default function parseJSON() {
return new TransformStream({
transform(chunk, controller) {
export default function splitStream(splitOn) {
let buffer = '';
return new TransformStream({
transform(chunk, controller) {
buffer += chunk;
const parts = buffer.split(splitOn);
parts.slice(0, -1).forEach(part => controller.enqueue(part));
buffer = parts[parts.length - 1];
flush(controller) {
if (buffer) controller.enqueue(buffer);

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@jfbrennan jfbrennan commented Nov 16, 2017

return new TransformStream() <-- you're instantiating one of these I can't find anything on the web about those... People write about streams, but I can't find any other examples of TransformStream or their current support.

Was reading this and came here to learn. Can you explain more?

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