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exploring, is there something you'd like to show me?
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jakedowns / free recommendation letter template
Created March 30, 2024 20:13
generic letter of recommendation from experts
Subject: Letter of Recommendation for [Individual's Name]To Whom It May Concern,We, the undersigned, represent a collective of experts spanning various domains including technology, digital rights, intellectual property law, cultural studies, and digital media. It is with great enthusiasm that we compose this letter of recommendation for [Individual's Name], whose multifaceted contributions and insights into the intersections of digital culture, copyright issues, and the communal versus commercial ownership of digital and cultural assets have been both groundbreaking and transformative.[Individual's Name] possesses a profound understanding of the complexities surrounding digital rights management (DRM), the nuances of copyright law, and the ethical considerations of cultural appropriation. Their work, characterized by a deep respect for both creators and consumers, seeks to navigate the challenging waters of digital content distribution in a way that honors the spirit of innovation while advocating for equita
import subprocess
import sys
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from import wavfile
def create_visualization(audio_file, output_image):
# Load the audio file
samplerate, data =

Creating a structured plan to align with the trajectory of generative AI in various sectors involves understanding key areas of focus and potential impacts. Below is a table that organizes your concerns and focus areas into a structured format, aligning with how these technologies might integrate into our economic systems and daily lives. This table can serve as a starting point for a more detailed strategic plan.

Key Areas Focus Areas Strategic Actions
Hospitality Automation Mass scale automation - Retrain workforce for syste
jakedowns /
Last active March 14, 2024 23:02
bulk suno library export

Historical Paradigm Shifts Surveillance and Control Corruption and Influence
📝 Shifts in tech reshaping society. 📝 Tech misuse for surveillance. 📝 Impact of corruption on politics/policy.
Disruption to status quo. Privacy erosion. Combating transparency issues.
New growth avenues. Security without privacy loss. Greater accountability and integrity.
🚫 Resistance to change. 🚫 Overreach risks. 🚫 Systemic manipulation.
Topic Details
Historical Paradigm Shifts Description: Shifts in tech reshaping society.
Challenges: Disruption to status quo.
Promise: New growth avenues.
Gotchas: Resistance to change.
Workarounds: Education, policy adaptation.
jakedowns / newtab.html
Last active February 23, 2024 00:43
body,html {
background: black;
(function(){var menuOptions=['Alpine','Blast','Bridge','Build','Bullet','Capsule','Character','Chess','Compound','Diamond','Dragon','Evangelion','Gears','Gravity','Heroes','Heroes2','Human','Joint','Keva','Kinematic','Material','Million','Ragdoll','Random','Ray_car','Raycast','Simple','Skeleton','Skeleton_old','Start','Terrain','Test','Tower'];function getRandomIndex(max){return Math.floor(Math.random()*max);}var randomOption=menuOptions[getRandomIndex(menuOptions.length)];var baseUrl='';var finalUrl=baseUrl+randomOption.toLowerCase();window.location.href=finalUrl;})()

Here's the updated table with the requested structure, including DCN component names, IDs, descriptions, their modern equivalents, and how each component improves upon the status quo:

DCN Component Name DCN Component ID DCN Component Description Modern Equivalent How We're Improving on the Status Quo
jakedowns /
Created February 13, 2024 04:35
Open Metaverse Protocol Proposal

Here's a table comparing the components of the "Digital Commons Network" proposal with their modern equivalents, highlighting the changes and innovations proposed:

Proposal Component Modern Equivalent Description of Shift
TrustGuard Protocol Centralized fraud detection services Shifts from centralized, institution-specific mechanisms to a decentralized, blockchai
Platform Revenue Share Steam Nintendo Switch Android iOS Supports VR/AR Publishing Oculus Store Xbox Windows PlayStation Nintendo Spotify Netflix
Unity Varied*
Unreal Engine 5% after $1M**
Godot Free Limited***